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FM24 - Best Head of Youth Development

Lazy Oct 19, 2023 Last modified: 19 Oct 24,307 views

These are the 10 best Head's of Youth Development in Football Manager 2024!

If you like longer saves a Head of Youth Development is essential for the growth of your squad. The Head of Youth (or HoYD) is your only link with the youth academy and he is the one who is responsible for the yearly youth intake. Below we will show you the best backroom staff members for the role of HoYD. Be careful with your expectations though, having a good HoYD will not guarantee you Lionel Messi like Newgens every year.

Best Head of Youth in Football Manager 2024

We have created this list according to the important staff attributes that are marked by Sports Interactive in FM24. Meaning, his key attributes are

  • Judging Player Ability - To see how good a player currently is
  • Judging Player Potential - To determine how good a player can be
  • Working with Youngsters - Kind of obvious...

It is important to realise that we have created this list based on these attributes, whilst adding the criteria that the prefered staff role is in fact Head of Youth Development.

When looking for a HoYD for your own club, there are some other areas to look at and consider before sigining one. These are:

Coaching Attributes

The HoYD can participate in youth training, making it important for him to have the additional coaching attributes.


The personality of your Head of Youth is also very important as this will reflect on the personalities of the youth players you bring in. It will not be a 100% score each year, but it really does affect the personalities.

We have checked the personalities for the 10 Head's of Youth Development on this list, but it may be possible that some of the attributes are dynamic and therefore vary per save game.

Tactical Preferences

Another key area is the tactical preference of the HoYD. Just like his personality it will not grant you a 100% success score, but it will definitely help in the long run. A HoYD will try and sign players that fit into his own tactical preferences.

You can imagine that could waste some pretty good talents if the HoYD has different preferences than you, the manager...

As most people play in a 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 formation we have tried to find these for our list. However, it may be possible that some of the preferences are dynamic and therefore vary per save game.

Before we move to the list, it is important to know that this list is in no particular order and the outcomes in your save may be very different. Also important to mention is that we have compiled this list with a large database containing ALL countries and ALL leagues loaded.

Name Age Club
José Ramón Alexanko 67 Barcelona
Fernando Cinto 52 Independiente
Julio De Marco 57 Atletico Madrid
Lorenzo Farris 47 -
Mihai Georgescu 78 -
Mark Harrison 48 Aston Villa
Huw Jennings 63 Fulham
Volker Kersting 53 Mainz 05
Thomas Krücken 45 Man City
Dirk Mack 54 -
Ashley Makhanya 45 TS Galaxy
Sebastián Pait 47 River
Dean Rastrick 47 -
Lars Ricken 47 Borussia Dortmund
Roberto Samaden 57 Atalanta
Jochen Sauer 50 FC Bayern
Michael Tarnat 53 -
Darren Wassall 55 -


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