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FM24 - Best Physios

Lazy Oct 19, 2023 Last modified: 19 Oct 25,208 views

A healthy squad is essential if you want to have a succesful season in Football Manager 2024. These are the best Physios in FM24.

The physiostherapist or physio still holds a very important role in Football Manager. Even considering the medical team has been expanded with sports scientists, the Physio is still the staff member who takes care of injured players and makes sure they will return to the team as quick as possible.

Best Physios in Football Manager 2023

This list is in no particular order and the outcomes in your save may be very different. Also important to mention is that we have compiled this list with a large database containing ALL countries and ALL leagues loaded.

Criteria to make the list

We have created this list according to the important staff attributes that are marked by Sports Interactive in FM24. Meaning, the physio really has one key attribute:

  • Physiotherapy - How well the staff member is able to prevent and treat injuries.

It is important to realise that we have created this list based on this attribute, whilst adding the criteria that the prefered staff role is in fact Physio.

Other attributes

While Football Manager has never explicitly stated that other attributes are also important to a physio, there are many who believe that attributes such as DeterminationLevel of Discipline and Motivating contribute to the physio's qualities. We have therefore included these in our assessment of the best Phyios in FM24.

Name Age Club
Andrea Acciarri 56 Sassuolo
Dave Appanah 47 Tottenham
Paco Biosca 69  
Jorge Bombicino 62  
Viorel Boncoi 53 CFR Cluj
Juanjo Brau 50  
Charles de Oliveira Costa 50 Santos
Sergio Gabriel de San Martin 52  
Marco Dellacasa 47 Inter
Filé 62 Fluminese
Flávio Meirelles 47 Botafogo
José Carlos García Parrales 42 Real Madrid
Clément Hazard 40  
Gerry Hoffmann 61 FC Bayern
Xavi Linde 39 Barcelona B
Lee Nobes 48 Liverpool
Geoff Scott 60 Tottenham
Isaac Serrano 46 FC Barcelona
Dimitris Skordis 69  


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