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Lazy Oct 21, 2022 Last modified: 21 Oct 38,438 views

Set up the best scouting network with the best scouts in Football Manager 2023.

If you like longer saves in Football Manager 2023, a good scouting team is very much essential. They will help you find talented youngsters across the globe as you work your way through the seasons.

Criteria to make the list

We have created this list according to the important staff attributes that are marked by Sports Interactive in FM23. Meaning, his key attributes are:

  • Adaptability - Scouts will move across nations and need to adapt to different cultures and styles
  • Judging Player Ability - To see how good a player currently is
  • Judging Player Potential - To determine how good a player can be

Also important is overall Scouting Knowledge. This determines the knowledge that a scout has of a certain region, country or competition. The better the knowledge, the easier he can find the best players for you.

Best Scouts in Football Manager 2023

This list is in no particular order and the outcomes in your save may be very different. Also important to mention is that we have compiled this list with a large database containing ALL countries and ALL leagues loaded.

1. Gabriel Correa

Age: 32 | Current Club: Manchester United | Contract Expiry: 2026

2. Johann Eder

Age: 34 | Current Club: FC RB Salzburg | Contract Expiry: 2023

3. Pirmin Schwegler

Age: 35 | Current Club: Bayern Munich | Contract Expiry: 2025

4. David Trezeguet

Age: 44 | Current Club: None | Contract Expiry: N/A

5. Roberto Marta

Age: 51 | Current Club: Atalanta | Contract Expiry: 2026

6. David Williams

Age: 53 | Current Club: None | Contract Expiry: N/A

7. Bojan Krkic

Age: 59 | Current Club: None | Contract Expiry: N/A

8. Juan Carlos Perez Rojo

Age: 62 | Current Club: FC Barcelona | Contract Expiry: 2025

9. Ruedi Zbinden

Age: 63 | Current Club: FC Basel | Contract Expiry: 2024

10. Friedrich Riedmüller

Age: 74 | Current Club: None | Contract Expiry: N/A

11. Egon Coordes

Age: 77 | Current Club: None | Contract Expiry: N/A

Download the FMInside Staff Shortlist

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