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FM23 Wonderkids - Defensive Midfielders

FMInside Jan 15, 2023 Last modified: 4 Apr 61,254 views

This is the shortlist with the best defensive midfielders in Football Manager 2023.

Perhaps the defensive midfielder is the most versatile player on a football field today. He can be a playmaker, a player who needs to provide stability or simply be a lock on the door and stop attackers. There are plenty of roles available in Football Manager and your tactical choices will be important in determining the type of defensive midfielder you need.

In this article we have collected the best young defensive midfielders in Football Manager 2023 by using our own Player Database.

Important - The list we present is based on the positions a player could play in. It is therefore possible a player will pop-up on more than one list. There are several examples of full-backs who can play on both sides of the pitch.

FM23 - Wonderkids Defensive Midfielders

The list of defensive midfielders shows no less than 4 elite midfielders. With Jude Bellingham, Eduardo Camavinga, Gavi and Warren Zaire-Emery there are some great players available for this position. The disadvantage of them is that they all play at a big club and are virtually unsignable in FM23. It is therefore nice to see that many more excellent players can play as DM.

You will find a good player on the list in almost every budget category with enough potential to become a very big one. For example, you have the Italian Giacomo Faticanti for around 20M, the Portuguese Dario Essugo for about 15M and you will even find players who can be picked up for less than a million. Alex Scott, Lucas Bergvall and Noel Aseko Nkili all cost less than a million.

  • RAT
  • name
  • age
  • sell value
  • POT
  • 67
  • DaniloDM, MCDM, MC
  • 21
  • € 35,963,220
  • 83
  • 68
  • NicoDM, MCDM, MC
  • 20
  • € 61,447,140
  • 66
  • Alex ScottDM, MC, AMR, AMCDM, MC, AMC
  • 18
  • € 961,880
  • 76
  • GaviDM, MC, AMCMC, AMC
  • 17
  • Not for sale


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