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Football Manager 2022 announced!

Lazy Sep 9, 2021 Last modified: 24 Nov 3,835 views

Sports Interactive have officially announced Football Manager 2022. The game will be released on November 9th 2021.

FM22 announced

The official website of Football Manager states:

FM22 brings new and progressive ways to find your winning edge, instil your footballing style and earn success at your football club.

New features and game upgrades will drop in late September across FMFC and @FootballManager across social media. Sign up now and get following to get ahead of the game.

FM22 Features

At this point there have not been any feature reveals. The team at Sports Interactive have confirmed that feature releases will take place in the second half of September.

FM22 Official trailer

Sports Interactive have also released the trailer for FM2022.

FM22 Beta

As usual there will be a BETA version of Football Manager available. There has not been an official date set yet, but it has been confirmed by Miles Jacobsen that the beta will be launched approximately two weeks before the full release, which is around October 26th.

FM22 Pre-order

You can pre-order Football Manager 2022 right here from FMInside! Pre-order today and receive early access two weeks before the official release!

Pre-order now!


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