DVX Logos for FM20

This is the DVX Logos Pack for Football Manager 2020. This pack contains high quality logo’s from clubs from all over the world and will add a new level of realism to FM20.

Download the DVX Logopack


Pack includes:

  • 17055 Club Logos
  • 1536 Competition Logos
  • 7 Confederation Logos
  • 229 FA Logos
  • 238 Flags
  • 62 Media Logos
  • Default Logos
  • Various Alternative Logos

Made for High in-game zoom

If you use a high level of in-game zoom (125% and beyond), the logpack of choice should contain images in large size. Otherwise logos may look blurry on many screens in the game.

Most of the logos in the pack have been collected from a variety of sources on the internet. Big thanks to all of them. Special thanks to Floro Flores, AndreaLAZIOultras, WhiteH and Footygamer.

The effort to create DVX Logos has been for fun and the pack exists solely for fun. No financial interest is present for the pack’s maker. All logos in the pack are property of their owners.


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How to Install the DVX Logopack

  1. Download the pack
  2. Use a tool like Winrar or 7zip to extract the content of the download on your system
  3. Extract the contents of the folder into:
  4. \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 20**\
  5. Run Football Manager and navigate to Preferences > Interface.
  6. Tick the box ‘Reload skin when confirming changes in preferences’
  7.  Untick the box ‘Use caching to decrease page loading times’
  8. Hit confirm. If you followed the steps correctly

If this doesn’t do the trick you can always have a look at our How to install Logos, Faces and Kits Guide

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  1. Hello,

    I have a question, did you exchange these Media Press pictures? Didn’t work for me.
    I would like to insert the correct logos of the Portugal media.
    I’ve tried to insert new ones but only appears once you click in the media name.


    I’m grateful for every answer!

  2. Hi,

    I want to put a logo into fm and i am looking for the sizes i need to make it as to fit, could you help me please?


  3. hi, im really struggling to get the logos, kits and skins into my game, I have been following the steps, extracting the files to the correct location, but then when I try and load it in game nothing is happening, please help! thanks


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