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FM23 - Best Director of Football

Lazy Oct 29, 2022 Last modified: 29 Oct 68,073 views

This is a list with the best Director's of Football in Football Manager 2023.

The Director of Football is one of the more weird staff roles in Football Manager and is one that isn't essential in your journey to success. In fact, in real life football a Director of Football usually is the one that hires the manager. In Football Manager however it is you who hires or fires the Director of Football.

As we already said, the Director of Football isn't necessary to sign or have in Football Manager. He can help you in certain areas of the game, making it easier for you to concentrate on the team and the matches. But, don't give him too much power, as the AI is still not strong enough to make the right choices for you.

But, he can make your life easier as you can delegate some stuff to him. For example offloading players. You can put players on a to sell list and he will be looking to offload them for you. Instead of you offering these players out to clubs, you can instruct the Director of Football to look for a suitable club that is prepared to meet your demands.

Want to learn more on the Director of Football? Read our in-depth Football Manager guide on this role.

Best Director of Football in FM23

To compile this list, we applied the following criteria based on the highlighted attributes in Football Manager 2023.

  • Judging Player Ability 16+
  • Judging Player Potential 17+
  • Negotiating 16+

Important. This list is in no particular order and the outcomes in your save may be very different. Also important to mention is that we have compiled this list with a large database containing ALL countries and ALL leagues loaded.

1. Marcus Mann

Age: 38 | Current Club: Hannover 96 | Contract Expiry: 2023

2. Paul Mitchell

Age: 40 | Current Club: AS Monaco | Contract Expiry: 2027

3. Michael Edwards

Age: 42 | Current Club: None | Contract Expiry: N/A

4. Victor Orta

Age: 43 | Current Club: Leeds United | Contract Expiry: 2026

5. Andrea Berta

Age: 45 | Current Club: Atletico Madrid | Contract Expiry: 2027

6. Rouven Schröder

Age: 46 | Current Club: Schalke 04 | Contract Expiry: 2025

7. Cristiano Giuntoli

Age: 50 | Current Club: Napoli | Contract Expiry: 2024

8. Federico Cherubini

Age: 51 | Current Club: Juventus | Contract Expiry: 2027

9. Leonardo

Age: 52 | Current Club: None | Contract Expiry: N/A

10. Monchi

Age: 53 | Current Club: Sevilla | Contract Expiry: 2027

11. Luis Campos

Age: 57 | Current Club: Paris Saint-Germain | Contract Expiry: 2024

12. Luis Goncalves

Age: 69 | Current Club: FC Porto | Contract Expiry: 2023

13. Paulo Carneiro

Age: 71 | Current Club: None | Contract Expiry: N/A

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