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FM23 - Bargain buys under 10M

FMInside Jan 12, 2023 Last modified: 12 Jan 2,634 views

Who doesn't like a bargain player in Football Manager? These are good players with an asking price under 10M in FM23.

Not all of us have an unlimited transfer budget and can spend money like water. That does not change the fact that as a manager you are constantly looking for reinforcements to strengthen your team. On this list you will find a whole range of good to strong players in Football Manager 2023 who can be picked up for a relatively 'low' transfer fee.

The Current Ability of these players is all high enough to compete at the highest level. They won't be star players, but they can definitely act as a first-team player or as a back-up. Moreover, some players are still relatively young and they can still grow towards their maximum potential.

FM23 - Bargain Players

To make this list we used our own FMInside FM23 Player Database. We used the following criteria:

  • Current Ability is at least 70
  • Sell Price is up to €10M

*Important* - Some of these players are on loan in their first season and are therefore unavailable for a direct transfer. However, they can be signed on a future transfer or after the first season.

  • RAT
  • name
  • age
  • sell value
  • POT
  • 74
  • OscarMC, AMR, AMCMC, AMC
  • 30
  • € 3,052,330
  • 88
  • 70
  • Roland SallaiMR, ML, AMR, AML, AMC, STMR, ML, AML, AMC
  • 25
  • € 8,561,890
  • 75
  • 72
  • RafinhaMC, ML, AMR, AMCMC, AMC
  • 29
  • € 1,551,220
  • 78
  • 71
  • Álex MorenoDL, WBL, MR, AMLDL, WBL, MR
  • 29
  • € 7,025,060
  • 73
  • 71
  • Marius WolfDR, WBR, ML, AMR, AMLWBR, ML, AMR
  • 27
  • € 9,869,380
  • 72
  • 70
  • Julian DraxlerMC, MR, ML, AMR, AML, AMCMR, AMR, AML
  • 28
  • € 6,231,830
  • 76


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