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FM23 - Wonderkids with a Buy Clause

Lazy Oct 24, 2022 Last modified: 24 Oct 20,071 views

This is a list that shows you our top 10 wonderkids in Football Manager 2023 that have an interesting minimum fee clause in their contract.

If you ar starting a new save in Football Manager 2023 you are always looking for the big talents in the game. Whether you start at a smaller club that wants to grow or at a big club that simply wants to stay at the the top, securing wonderkids for the future is something everybody looks for.

Something that nobody loves is spending big money on these wonderkids or getting pulled into difficult and long negotiations. It is much easier to simply match a minimum fee clause and then continueing to the contract negotiations. On this list we have searched the FM23 Database and found our top 10 wonderkids with a nice buy out clause.

Wonderkids with a buy clause

This list is in no particular order and the outcomes in your save may be very different. Also important to mention is that we have compiled this list with a large database containing ALL countries and ALL leagues loaded.

1. Ilias Akhmoach

Age: 18 | Current Club: FC Barcelona | Clause: €12m

2. Nico Paz

Age: 17 | Current Club: Real Madrid | Clause: €9m

3. Cesar Palacios

Age: 17 | Current Club: Real Madrid | Clause: €6.75m

4. Alejandro Iturbe

Age: 18 | Current Club: Atletico Madrid | Clause: €8.25m

5. Enzo Boyomo

Age: 20 | Current Club: Albacete | Clause: €4m

6. Ruben Iranzo

Age: 19  | Current Club: Valencia | Clause: €1m

7. Miguel Carvalho

Age: 17 | Current Club: Espanyol | Clause: €925k

8. Martin Tejon

Age: 18 | Current Club: Valencia | Clause: €850k

9. Alvaro Rodriguez

Age: 17 | Current Club: Real Madrid | Clause: €4m

10. Mario Peregrina

Age: 18 | Current Club: Real Betis| Clause: €825k



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