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FM22 - Africa Cup Wonderkids

FMInside Jan 10, 2022 Last modified: 11 Jan 20,442 views

This is a list with the biggest and best Football Manager 2022 wonderkids who could be featuring at the 2022 Africa Cup of Nations.

In the first month of the new year, the Africa Cup of Nations is played in Cameroon. The tournament was originally supposed to be played in 2021 but was postponed to the winter of 2022 due to corona. Clubs from all over the world have relinquished their players to the 24 participating countries.

The Africa Cup has traditionally been a great tournament to follow. Football is often rough and often is a joy to watch. Fans of the countries dress up and party in the stands. All this makes the Africa Cup one of the coolest international tournaments in the world.

Africa Cup in Football Manager

The Africa Cup can also be played in Football Manager and many of you will undoubtedly have played the tournament or maybe even won it during one of your careers. A major disadvantage, however, of the FM22 database is that Africa is poorly represented. Only South Africa is playable as a country in Africa, the rest of the countries you will have to make playable by using the editor.

Yet there are quite a few great talents to be found in FM22 and we have listed them today. All these players are officially part of the Africa Cup selections and can be found in FM22, as they come directly from our player database.

Do you know any of the players on this list? Let us know in a comment or on the player profiles how they helped you during your save(s).

FM22 Africa Cup Wonderkids

  • RAT
  • name
  • age
  • sell value
  • POT
  • 49
  • BasilioDL, WBL, ML, AMLDL, ML, AML
  • 22
  • € 438,749
  • 60
  • 58
  • Hamza RafiaWBR, MC, AMR, AMCMC, AMR, AMC
  • 22
  • € 165,079
  • 68
  • 58
  • HannibalMC, AML, AMCMC
  • 18
  • € 23,964,816
  • 48
  • Edmund AddoMC, MR, AMR, AMCMC, MR
  • 21
  • € 517,499
  • 58
  • 47
  • Idris KanuMR, AMR, STMR, AMR
  • 21
  • € 503,156
  • 64


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