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FM22 Hidden Wonderkid Gems

Lazy Dec 31, 2021 Last modified: 31 Dec 25,097 views

This is the list with the best hidden wonderkid gems in Football Manager 2022! Get them on a shortlist and sign them on early in the game before they get snatched by other clubs!

Football Manager 2022 has hundreds of wonderkids and they range from very well-known players like Eduardo Camavinga or Yousouffa Moukoko to an even large list of lesser known players from all over the world. This list is dedicated to those wonderkids. These are all players you might have never heard of but could be game changing players for you. Add these players to your shortlist today and try to sign them in your own save! If you have signed one or more, please let us know in the comments how they performed for you!

FM22 Hidden Gems

What is an hidden gem? These are players with a lower reputation, which means they are basically unknown to the public at the start of any new Football Manager save.

We have handpicked the players on this list by using our very own FMI Player Database. The players on this list all have the criteria you would expect from a wonderkid: Under 21 & Potential of at least 80 or higher. The only difference between the FM22 Wonderkids list and this list is that this list only shows lesser known players you should be signing instead of the best of the best.

  • RAT
  • name
  • age
  • sell value
  • POT

Can't find a player?

To create our FMI database we have loaded every single player from the FM22 database (around 440k). If you play with a smaller database it is possible that a player can't be found in your save. If you want to make sure these players are in the save you play, load the nation they play in or add players from that nation when starting your save.


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