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FM22 Interesting release clauses

Lazy Nov 28, 2021 Last modified: 28 Nov 23,096 views

This list shows several players with an interesting release clause in their contract in Football Manager 2022.

Completing transfers in Football Manager is one of the most fun things to do. The team over at Sports Interactive have been working hard to make the transfer system more realistic and each new version of the game comes with extra options and new types of negotiations. Playing the good old Championship Manager you could make a bid and that was it. These days you can add clauses, bonuses, loan back options and also options for friendlies.

Release clauses

If you are not a big fan of transfer negotiations, there is an easy way to pass these: using release clauses. Some players in the game have a 'fixed fee' in their contract. This means that if you match this fee his club won't be able to reject your offer and you will be able to start negotiating the contract of the player.

FM22 Release clauses

On the list we present in this article we have collected some of the best deals when it comes to release clauses. All the players on our list are aged under 25, have a minimal potential ability of 75 (good Premier League level) and the release clause in their contract is at most €10.000.000.

  • RAT
  • name
  • age
  • sell value
  • POT
  • 43
  • ChukiMC, AMCAMC
  • 16
  • € 2,769,580


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