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Most liked players on FMI

FMInside Mar 23, 2021 Last modified: 23 Nov 6,990 views

A list with the most liked players in the FMInside Player Database.

Early December we released our new website. One of the main features on the new site is our sweet and dandy Football Manager 2021 Player Database. This first edition of the database has over 165.000 different players and displays the most important information you need to decide whether it is a good player or not.

We have designed our own rating system based on ability and potential, but we have also created some other cool features such as the 'best roles' indicator and all the various attributes that a player has. Our database is the most complete and user friendly database in the community and has already been used by thousands of Football Manager fanatics.

Another cool feature we added to our player database is the 'Like function' just like the big social media networks. With a simple double click on desktop and a double tap on mobile, you are now able to 'Like' a player, possibly helping other players to find out which players are ones to watch. Our player database has now reached the magical milestone of a 1.500 likes and that made us decide to publish a list with the most liked players in the FMI Database.

Top 10 Most Liked Players

  • RAT
  • name
  • age
  • value
  • POT
  • 98
  • Lionel MessiAMR, AMC, STAMR, AMC, ST
  • 33
  • € 53,000,000€ 700,000,000
  • 100

Top 10 Most Liked Wonderkids

  • RAT
  • name
  • age
  • value
  • POT
  • 69
  • 17
  • € 8,250,000€ 121,000,000

Who is your favourite player or wonderkid in Football Manager? Look for them in the database and give them a big thumbs up!


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