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8 Interesting release clauses

Lazy Jan 19, 2021 Last modified: 24 Nov 13,955 views

This list will show you 8 interesting release clauses in Football Manager 2021.

Transfers are a massive part of Football Manager and in recent years the team over at Sports Interactive have added much more realism to the way transfers are negotiated and completed. In the old days it was sufficient to make an offer and a club would either accept or reject it. Nowadays clubs tend to negotiate every offer you make. Clubs always try to get the most out of it by adding clauses, sell-on percentages and future fees.

Release clauses

A way to avoid negotiations is using release clauses. These will make it possible to bypass any negotiations and pay a fixed fee for a player, which makes it a lot easier to complete a signing and not having to hassle with long and hard negotiations.

On our list below you will be able to see eight players with interesting release clauses in FM21. These players are all under 25-years-old and have a high potential. By signing these players you know for sure that you will be signing a talented player who still has enough potential to develop into a very good player.

Best player on the list is without a doubt Thiago Almada. The Argentinian is one of the best-known wonderkids in FM21 and he has been a great talent for several editions. Another very interesting player is Pelayo Morilla. He has a €11.25m release clause and he is willing to leave his club Sportnig Gijon. Great addition if you decide to make a move!

  • RAT
  • name
  • age
  • value
  • POT
  • 62
  • Thiago AlmadaAMR, AML, AMC, STAMC
  • 19
  • € 2,500,000€ 25,000,000
  • 60
  • BrennerSTST
  • 20
  • € 1,400,000€ 15,250,000
  • 59
  • Miguel BaezaMC, AMR, AML, AMCMC, AMC
  • 20
  • € 200,000€ 17,000,000
  • 50
  • Pelayo MorillaML, AML, AMCML, AML, AMC
  • 19
  • € 110,000€ 11,250,000
  • 55
  • NicoDM, MCDM, MC
  • 18
  • € 140,000€ 6,000,000
  • 52
  • 18
  • € 12,000€ 14,000,000


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