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Free Goalkeepers to sign in FM2021

Lazy Dec 23, 2020 Last modified: 23 Nov 3,515 views

A list of goalkeepers who could be signed as a free agent in FM2021.

Here is our shortlist of free agent goalkeepers you will be able to sign in Football Manager 2021.

Not every club in FM2021 has a big budget to spend, especially as clubs still suffer from the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic. This has limited the budgets in this edition of Football Manager, making free agents even more interesting this season!

On this list we have 10 goalkeepers who are all currently without a club. Some are very experienced, others are younger and still have the potential to good goalkeepers or at least feature as a back-up goalkeeper in the big leagues.

Best Free Agent Goalkeepers in FM2021

Biggest name on the list is without a doubt Danijel Subasic. The 35-year-old was the number one goalkeeper in the Croatian team that reached the World Cup final in 2018. Other notable names on the list are former Bayern Munich goalkeeper Michael Rensing, former Gladbach and Celtic goalkeeper Logan Bailly and former Newcastle United back-up Rob Elliot.

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