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FM23 - LaLiga Starting Budgets

Lazy Oct 30, 2022 Last modified: 30 Oct 11,259 views

These are the starting transfer and wage budgets for the 20 clubs from the Spanish LaLiga in Football Manager 2023.

The Spanish LaLiga is always a fun competition to play in Football Manager. You have a strong top three clubs with FC Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid and you have a strong group  of clubs behind that with Sevilla, Villarreal and Real Sociedad. The LaLiga is also a league with not that many rules in terms of squad management, which makes it fairly easy to move through the seasons.

In comparison to the Premier League the starting budgets in LaLiga are a bit more challenging. Whereas English clubs tend to have a big wage budget, the budgets in Spain are way more limited, making a save in Spain a bit more challenging if you prefer such a save. But, with Madrid and Barcelona in the league, it is also a league that can be used by the less experienced players to get to know the game.

Below you will see the entire list for all the starting budgets in the Spanish LaLiga in Football Manager 2023. It is important to know that these are the basic budgets set by the game creators and could vary in your own save depending on the goals you set for the first season. A higher goal could mean you receive more budget from your board. It is also an option to adjust your budgets, making it possible for you to increase your transfer or wage budget during the season.

FM23 LaLiga Starting Budgets

Club Balance Transfer Wage p/w
Almeria 8.5M 6.9M 250k
Athletic Bilbao 32.1M 25M 1.23M
Atletico Madrid 12.6M 950k 3.5M
Cadiz 7.8M 2.2M 344k
Celta de Vigo 28.4M 1.2M 640k
Elche 1.3M 4.7M 370k
Espanyol 13.5M 5M 330k
FC Barcelona -26M 0 4.4M
Getafe 6.2M 1.5M 646k
Girona 7.4M 3.3M 350k
Mallorca 7.1M 1M 407k
Osasuna 11M 0 327k
Rayo Vallecano 2M 0 407k
Real Betis 27.5M 3M 860k
Real Madrid 221M 120M 5.5M
Real Sociedad 51.8M 12.9M 836k
Sevilla 43.5M 5M 1.5M
Valencia 38M 2M 617k
Valladolid 4.4M 0 338k
Villarreal 32.5M 15M 934k


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