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FM23 - Premier League starting budgets

Lazy Oct 28, 2022 Last modified: 28 Oct 6,920 views

These are the starting transfer and wage budgets for the 20 clubs from the Premier League in Football Manager 2023.

The Premier League is financially the strongest league in the world. Every season clubs receive a massive amount of money for the tv-rights and this is represented in their possibilities on the transfer market. During the 2022 transfer summer English clubs spent over 2.2B on transfers, which is four times the amount clubs in Spain spent. This shows how strong the Premier League is financially compared to other leagues.

In Football Manager 2023 this is also reflected by the transfer budgets at the start of the game. In our article with the top 10 transfer budgets of FM23 there are seven clubs from the Premier League. It seems - as always - that if you like spending big in Football Manager, the Premier League is your go to league.

In this article we have collected all the starting transfer and wage budgets for the Premier League in Football Manager 2023. All amounts are in euros and it is important to realise that starting budgets may vary per save and could also vary depending on the choices you make as a manager before the start of the season. Budgets are adjustable and could be higher or lower due to your seasonal objectives.

FM23 Premier League Starting Budgets

Club Balance Transfer Wage p/w
Arsenal 59.3M 30.4M 2.6M
Aston Villa 4.8M 34.8M 2.5M
Bournemouth 2.3M 1.2M 1.26M
Brentford 16.8M 7.8M 1.4M
Brighton and Hove Albion 84.5M 81M 1.5M
Chelsea -27M 15.7M 5.3M
Crystal Palace 2.4M 1.9M 1.8M
Everton 72.3M 2.3M 2.4M
Fulham 4.9M 8.5M 1.4M
Leeds United 46.6M 28.9M 1.5M
Leicester City 88M 11.5M 2.8M
Liverpool 193M 48.7M 5M
Manchester City 155M 118M 5.5M
Manchester United 153M 23.8M 6.3M
Newcastle United 176M 46.4M 3M
Nottingham Forest 1.5M 1.7M 1.7M
Southampton 31.6M 23.2M 1.6M
Tottenham Hotspur 189.6M 30.6M 3.4M
West Ham United 50.M 4.5M 2.3M
Wolverhampton Wanderers 9.7M 4.5M 1.8M


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