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The benefit of retraining players




Retraining players in Football Manager is a powerful tool that is overlooked a lot. This almost gives you the option to create a new player. Instead of dipping into the transfer market to find the missing piece for your puzzle, retraining players you already have can save you money.

Teaching a player to play in a different position means that player can fill two roles for your team. Saving an extra spot in your squad for the season ahead. Here are just a few examples of players that have performed brilliantly in various positions for me:

James Ward-Prowse (Southampton)

From attacking midfielder to versatile wing back

The young Southampton midfielder may not be the most glamorous of choices. But this promising player can offer his services at Right Wing Back. Already being competent playing there Ward-Prowse won’t take too long to adapt to his new position. Meaning he won’t be having shaky performances for too long. The Saint’s midfielder possesses great Crossing, Work Rate and Stamina allowing him to bomb up and down the wing. The only things stopping him from playing at Right Back is his average Marking and Tackling.

james ward prowse retraining players

Ousmane Dembele

From a speedy winger to an excelling false nine

This well known youngster has an incredible skill when deployed on the wings. However, it is at striker I found the Frenchman really excelled. Retrained as a False Nine Dembele could pick up the ball from deep, turn quickly and run at the heart of the oppositions defense. With the ability to strike the ball cleanly with both feet he brings a breath of fresh air to your save as he can score from all kinds of angles.

ousmane dembele retraining players

Federico Chiesa

From an attacking midfielder to an inverted wing back

One of Italy’s most promising prospects on Football Manager comes in the form of a wide attacking midfielder. However, I found the Fiorentina man flourishing at Left Wing Back as an Inverted Wing Back. This allows the player to cut inside onto his favored right foot when higher up the pitch acting almost like an Inside Forward. Chiesa will pop with multiple goals and a generous amount of assists due to his creativity which will only get better with age. This transition is made easier by Chiesa’s surprisingly good defensive stats for a younger winger.

federico chiesa retraining players

To close

My advice on which players to test out in a different position is whether they already have average or above average key stats for their new position. For example, training a player to be Centre-back is no use if the player has below average Tacking, Heading and Marking. This is the general rule I apply when retraining players.

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