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Can You Use FM21 to Help with Football Betting?

FMInside Oct 14, 2020 Last modified: 13 Apr 1,560 views

Those who play any game from the Football Manager series, in particular the new FM21 that has been released, will see just how close it is to real life.

This is the reason why many football clubs buy the game data from Sports Interactive, the creators of the game.

Many hours have been spent perfecting things, to the extent where this data and the information it can provide comes with a huge reputation and it is trusted by many.

But where else can you use your experience from Football Manager 21? There will be many avid players out there who spend more time on this game and focusing on what is happening inside than what they do on real life football.

This will certainly be the case in specific leagues or countries, depending where their FM21 career takes them.

The Appeal of Football Manager

This game has global appeal with football fans, and millions of players from all over the world enjoy the game.

There is a real sense of testing yourself with the game, testing your football knowledge and seeing if you are really as good as you say you are from the comfort of your armchair.
What happens in the game is strictly followed by players, and there are many who will spend hours either researching information within the game or working out ways to beat their opposition via tactical and training improvements.

This is especially the case for those playing in the lower leagues of English football such as the National League.

Fans of the game who have no interest in this league in real life, but who are playing in them, will generally have very good knowledge of the teams and sometimes the players in that league.

Using FM21 to Help with Football Betting?

It is for this reason that people use their knowledge gained from FM21 elsewhere. One way is to use it while you are placing your football bets.

With this knowledge you can form match previews and predictions of your own, based on what you have seen happen in the game and translate that into a real-life situation.

While playing the game you will be looking at the top teams in your league and working out why they are so good and what you need to do to join them. Is it their star players, home form, tactics or something else?

Move into real-life, remember this team and the star players they have and then back them for success in a game, all thanks to what you have seen and remembered from the FM series.

It may not be enough as being your only source of information, but there is no doubt that FM can work as part of your betting strategy if you are an avid and detailed player.

Using FM21 to Gain Team & Player Knowledge?

If you are heading into a new season of betting and you are looking to break into something new, then you can use FM21 to help you do that.

This makes your learning a lot more fun, and you will pick up things from the game that you wouldn’t elsewhere. One of the best things you can do as a gambler looking to bet on a new league is start up an FM save and try to learn as much as possible about the league and the teams in it.

If it’s good enough for clubs to use, then anyone looking to expand their footballing knowledge for whatever reason should find FM21 good enough for them.


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