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Football Manager 2021 Features

Lazy Nov 10, 2020 Last modified: 23 Nov 2,013 views

A list of the known features for Football Manager 2021.

The guys over at Sports Interactive have revealed the first information on Football Manager 2021. The full release is just over a month on November 24th and after they announced the first trailer, release date of the game and started the pre-order, they have started with the feature reveal.

Today SI published a short video introducing some of the new features which are in the new game.

Here you will see the video of the new features and below that we will walk you through some of the new features that we saw.

Find your targets

A new recruitment meeting with staff members, such as the Director of Football. They will inform you on what player contracts expire and they will inform you on the depth on a position or a role.

Bid for players

While buying players is not a new feature, they showed us a nice new gimmick while making a bid for a player 'Ask agent about availability'. Maybe a cheeky way to go past a club to find out if a player is interested.

Media Handling

A revamp to the media and press area (or so it seems). The video showed us a new display for a press conference with journalists showing in rows, just like you would expect at a real conference. Maybe they will now raise hands to ask you something?

Perfect your tactics

New ways to tweak your tactics. We have seen a screen shot with more advice.

Player interactions

New is that you will be able to 'move' as a manager. Your own body language seems to influence a player's mentality.

XG added

Introducing the XG add or Expected Goals. This states the likelyhood of a shot becoming a goal. A nice new statistic.

Improved 3D match engine

As always SI promises us a nice revamp to the 3D match engine. From the screenshots we could see we saw a new scoreboard but the video was too short to really see anything new.


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