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Football Manager 2023 Patch 23.3.0 - Winter Patch

FMInside Mar 2, 2023 Last modified: 3 Mar 6,244 views

Sports Interactive have released the major winter update for Football Manager 2023! This update brings the long expected winter upgrade to the FM23 database but also fixes a lot of issues with the game.

This is the major update we have all been waiting for! The major winter update from Sports Interactive updates the game database and will include almost every winter transfer in the world or at least every transfer in the major nations and leagues.

Next to the updated game database, SI have also adressed several key bugfixes that will enhance your gaming experience.

FM23 Winter Update Changelog

Changes include, but are not limited to:

  • Stability and crash fixes
  • Fixes to reduce mistakes from bad touches in certain areas of the pitch
  • Fixes to defenders not preparing correctly for crosses in certain situations
  • Improvements to defender reaction to long through balls
  • Tweaks to make attacking players move quicker to support counter-attacks
  • Improvements to how AI managers use different midfield role combinations
  • Improvements to central defender and defensive midfielder positioning from long goal kicks
  • Improvements to how attacking wide players track back when defending
  • Fixes for defending wide indirect free kicks at the edge of the area
  • 'Header won' statistic now only counts contested headers
  • Improvements to the Recruitment Focus logic
  • Fixed cases of reserve or youth team tactics appearing blank in the Development Centre
  • Tweaks to development loans for AI teams
  • Improvements to fixture scheduling, particularly the frequency of consecutive home or away games
  • Updated substitution rules across various competitions

FMI Database & Update

As you may expect we will be upgrading our player and club database to make sure they connect with the official 23.3 database. There will also be a special release of the Football Manager Update that is compatible with the latest database and patch. This update will also adress many missed transfers or any other data changes such as missed staff, players and edited personal player data.

You can find these here:

Save Game Compatible

If you have a fun save going on and you aren't too keen on starting a new save with updated squads, the majority of the fixes in this update are in fact save game compatible. However, for league rule changes or league updates a new save game is required.

How do I update my FM?

Simply close the game and restart or start the game if you weren't playing. Your client will then automatically download and install the update.


If you encounter an issue with FM2023, please report it at the official forums of Sports Interactive.


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