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Football Stars Who Like To Spend Time At Casinos

FMInside Feb 24, 2023 Last modified: 24 Feb 871 views

Did you know that famous football players like to spend money in casinos? It's not a joke. In this article, you can find out their names. Here we go.

The soccer world today is completely different. The fact is that rich people have started to invest a lot of money in sports. The player's salaries are now easily up to 100,000 euros a week. And this is not the limit. In search of adrenaline and emotions, they began to visit both online casinos and land-based ones.

Let's find out about some of the most famous football players who are known to gamble online and offline in their spare time.

Link Between Football and Online Casinos

Gambling, like soccer, is an adrenaline rush and a storm of emotions, exciting intrigue, and, of course, an unpredictable finale. The athlete who scored the winning goal and the visitor who hit the jackpot have almost the same feelings. That is why it is enjoyed by both regular players and football celebrities.

Athletes, unlike regular players, do not normally bet for profit. For them, slot machines are a great way to have fun. Soccer players can afford to leave a few thousand dollars or euros at the best casinos or regular poker rooms to wait for a win, which will give them incredible emotions. It's true. If you have free money, then why not take a chance and relax as you like?

The link between football and online casinos is strong. Players use online platforms to try their luck and have a great time. With the help of online casinos, everything starting from the classic card games, slots, and roulette is accessible to them.

With so many options out there, you can pick the one that best suits your needs and start playing right away. So don't wait any longer, find out everything about online casinos and start your gambling journey today!

Wayne Rooney

He is known as a legend of the Manchester United team. The former player often left crazy funds in casinos. Journalists wrote that he once lost 65,000 pounds in one night in a gambling venue in Manchester. He was often seen in such places and betting offices. Over time, Rooney still managed to settle down. He matured and concentrated on soccer.


The Brazilian player is a real poker fan. He doesn’t hide his passion for the card game. From time to time, the football celebrity takes part in exciting tournaments. In the Brazilian Series of Poker, Neymar became the sixth, winning almost 19,000 euros. The footballer also signed a sponsorship contract with a pay-per-play poker room. He says it is different from soccer because there is no physical exertion. But you can feel the thirst for victory and the sweet moment of triumph. Soccer players are used to this. That's why they love to gamble and often show impressive results.

Cristiano Ronaldo

He has been seen in the Full Tilt Poker room more than once. The Portuguese played not only No Limit Hold'em but also Pot Limit Omaha. Of course, with a salary like he receives, you can afford to go to such places all the time. A talented man will show a high level not only on the field. Moreover, it is no secret to anyone that Ronaldo organized evenings with similar activities for himself and his teammates.

Gerard Pique

The true legend of Barcelona doesn’t hide the fact that he likes to spend his free time playing poker and slots online. The level of his game is close to the professional one. It is through in-depth knowledge and, of course, years of training. He has won first place in different international tournaments. Friends say that he is as emotional at the computer as at the stadium.
Luis Suarez

The current soccer player and former teammate of Neymar and Pique is also into poker. But this is a good example of how to behave off the football field. Luis Suarez often participates in charity gambling tournaments. He donates the money he gets as a result of his winnings to foundations. However, he also likes to play the online version just for himself.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, it should be noted that a large number of athletes are actively involved in visiting casinos, both online and land-based. Most often, they do not hide it. Moreover, it is not done for the sake of rewards. The feeling one gets from a winning combination is indescribable. They equate it to scoring a goal or becoming the best at a soccer tournament. That's why names like Neymar, Rooney, Ronaldo, Pique, and others are so often heard in conjunction with casinos.


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