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The Football Manager Update

FMInside Nov 20, 2022 Last modified: 21 Nov 7,662 views

Say hello to The Football Manager Update! A brand new Transfer Update for FM23, brought to you by TheFMEditor and FMInside.

For years FMInside and TheFMEditor have been responsible for bringing you the biggest and most badass updates for Football Manager. The English Non-League database from TheFMEditor is widely regarded as one of the best league add-ons in the Football Manager community, whilst the FMInside Transfer Update has been dominating the update scene for years on both the web and on Steam with over 4 Million downloads since the release with Football Manager 2019.

The Football Manager Update

From this day forward FMInside and TheFMEditor have partnered up with the goal to bring you an even better product than ever before! And in this article you will be reading all about the stuff you can expect from this exciting partnership!

Monthly Transfer Updates

As you would expect from two editing teams partnering up is the release of a monthly Transfer Update for Football Manager 2023. On the first day of each month we will release a new public transfer update on both the web and Steam.

The update will be bigger and better than ever as we aim to complete more nations and more leagues in terms of transfers and other changes! We dare to state that The Football Manager Update will be the best and most accurate updates the community has ever witnessed!

Weekly Early Access

A new product that we will be releasing are the Early Access Updates. These will be released on a weekly base, starting in December. Every Friday a new update will be made available. This early acces is only available on Patreon.

Nation and League add-ons

Another add-on in The Football Manager Update will be the Nation and League add-ons, brought to you by TheFMEditor. This includes lower league databases for England, Wales, Northern Ireland and more! These add-ons will be released in seperate files, but will also be made available in The Football Manager Update monthly release!

Statement FMInside owner Lazy

We are very happy to announce the partnership with TheFMEditor. For years now we have established ourselves as one of the major players in the Football Manager community and are very excited to add a fresh new product to our line up.

I have been using TheFMEditor's databases for years and I have always loved his work. It is fantastic that we will be working together from now on with the Football Manager Update. We firmly believe it will be the next big step for us and have the utmost confidence that we will reach new heights with The Football Manager Update.

Lazy, owner FMInside

Statement from TheFMEditor

So, I'd like to start off with saying its a pleasure to be working with Len/FMInside for future content.

I have seen the work they have been doing over the past two years and was very impressed and made

me work harder myself with content. When Len approached me to join forces I was very much onboard at first.

Having thought about my own brand part of me was slighly worried. Len assured that wouldn't be the case and that second thought was 'Right ok, Let's do this!'

We are ready to take our content to the next level and will provide our best work for the FM community

I will be bringing a team over who are looking forward to working with myself and Len. We really hope you enjoy what we have to bring for the community and look forward to hearing from you. 

Enjoy our content as we will enjoy having you use it.



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