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How Gaming Affects Achievements Of Sportsmen

FMInside Sep 22, 2022 Last modified: 10 Oct 3,229 views

There are already up to 3 billion gamers worldwide, and this number is rising by the day. The gaming industry is already worth over $200 Billion, which should tell you how well the industry is moving. Today, even celebrities across all industries play games. One of the industries with a high amount of gamers is the sports industry.

Of course, several news stories hit the internet about how video games have ruined achievements and even caused psychological damage in rare cases. However, there are also cases where these video games have been of help in a positive light.

With the current popularity of online real money gambling sites and online gaming platforms, sports people now have easy access to games. Today, some of the best online casino sites with no deposit free spins already offer many rewards for players who play casino games, so it isn't easy to forgo online gaming. Moreover, these systems are designed to attract even more players with the casino win and other reward strategies.

In this article, we will look at how gaming affects the achievements of sportspeople both positively and negatively. Let’s dive in!

Impact Of Video Games On Sports

The gaming industry has affected sports in several ways. So far, many athletes have benefited from the industry, whereas a few others have recorded more negative effects.

Positive Impact Of Gaming In Sports

According to research, gamers are quick decision-makers, which is suitable for athletes as it allows for better decision-making and adaptation. This move is, of course, a great advantage if appropriately utilized. Also, every sports player with good ties with the gaming industry has a higher chance of bagging an endorsement deal from a game company. 

As of today, some significant sportsmen have a close affiliation with games like NFL Madden, EA FIFA Soccer, NBA 2K, and a host of other games. Also, most athletes who enjoy casino games have deals with major casino brands. These endorsement deals, of course, increase the income stream of most of these players. One of the biggest game companies that provide these endorsement deals is EA Sports. 

Harmful Impacts Of Video Games On Sports

Though gaming affects the sports industry in several positive ways, it can also appear as a hazard in some cases. One of the significant disadvantages of gaming is the general distraction that it creates. For example, in online casino gaming, almost every casino features a wide selection of over 1,000 games. Thus, core gamers can get distracted from their training routine. 
Some science experts also warn against sportsmen indulging in serious gaming. Moreover, research shows that athletes who love playing casino titles and video games often get less sleep, which is a crucial part of an athlete's fitness.

Athletes Who Have Been Affected By Gaming

Neil Robertson

It is impossible to talk about gaming and the sports industry without mentioning Neil Robertson. Neil Robertson is known for being one of the greatest tournament snooker players, and his career has gone through many hurdles due to his passion for gaming. At one point, Neil Robertson attested to the fact that he used to play Call of Duty for over 18 hours per day. Unfortunately, this action negatively affected his productivity in the sports industry, and he made mention of that in several interviews.

David James

Known for being one of the most promising Manchester United players, James also has some ties with gaming. He is well known for playing Tekken and Tomb Raider. Also, some ManU teammates claimed it was the primary reason for his decreasing performance level at some point. But, of course, he is now a more focused player but still a gamer when off training. 

Ryan Babel

Ryan Babel is a Dutch football player and popular live stream gamer. Back in 2010, he was benched for the World Cup. During this period, he took to live streaming and found popularity in the gaming field. Some say his gaming life has affected his potential in several ways, but he hasn't attested to this himself.

Why Sportsmen Play Video Games

Athletes are busy and competitive people; thus, it is in their nature to often seek the thrills of the entertainment industry.

Undoubtedly, sports players often have little free time, as they often move from one training camp to another. However, during their little free time, these players often indulge in entertaining practices like gambling, gaming, etc. In addition, video games are highly addictive. Thus, most of these players already find it difficult to forgo.

Gaming addiction is undoubtedly better than alcohol or drug addiction, but it still comes with several disadvantages. However, due to the structure of gaming, so many people do not detect gaming addiction. For example, with the thrill of gaming, some sports players spend extended night hours gaming with friends, affecting productivity. Also, core gamblers spend a lot of time looking for casino tips to improve their gambling standard, affecting their athletic productivity.

Video games are becoming more popular by the day, primarily due to the advent of modern technologies in the industry. As of writing this article, over 80% of global teenagers regularly play video games. Of course, these teenagers include future athletes and celebrities. Thus, it is clear that more athletes in the future will be gamers and potential gamblers.


From the texts above, you can confirm that gaming has affected athletes' achievements in several ways. While there are a lot of positive sides to gaming as an athlete, there are also some downsides. 

Some gamers become less productive in sports due to gaming, and a few others use it to improve their overall entertainment life. Also, some powerful brands endorse these celebrity gamers, so it serves as an extension of their income streams, thereby increasing their overall achievements as sportsmen. To enjoy the full benefits of gaming, sportsmen should always gamble responsibly.



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