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Top 10 Asian great players in Football Manager 2022

Lazy Jan 17, 2022 Last modified: 17 Jan 8,488 views

Football Manager 2022 is here, and there is so much fresh blood to look out for. It promises to be an awesome season, even for top-tier teams in Europe and around the world, for several years to come.

We've rounded together ten of the finest Asian wonderkids in Football Manager 22, and stars of the future to look out for with Bongdaso and all the global betting fronts.

Takefusa Kubo

Takefusa Kubo is a dynamic attacker with strong mental statistics, and one of the most entertaining players on this list. While he is not the quickest of players, he will certainly get a high potential rating, indicating that he is a rare gem that can be carved into a star.

Takuhiro Nakai

Takuhiro Nakai, a Japanese prodigy, could become the man to take over the Real Madrid midfield from the likes of Toni Kroos and Luka Modric. With a high ceiling and already remarkable stats for his age, this Japanese wonder kid has the potential to be a world-beater.

Liel Abada

Liel Abada is an Israeli winger now playing for Celtic in the Scottish Premier League. From all aspects, he appears to be a true hidden treasure in Football Manager 2022. We believe Abada, who is already posting some impressive statistics, might be the next big thing to come out of Scotland's top division.

Kang-In Lee

Kang-In Lee is a deadly striker who presently resides on the Spanish island of Mallorca and plays for Real Mallorca. This Japanese phenomenon has all the qualities to become one of the finest in the world, with so much flair and skill already in his repertoire.

Yukinari Sugawara 

Yukinari Sugawara is a good full-back who can play anywhere along the right side of the field, making him the ideal squad member to give depth. We believe this young Japanese star might be a wonderful addition to your backline, with a strong balance of numbers across the board.

Suphanat Mueanta

Suphanat Mueanta, a potentially clinical striker who might develop into a star, already appears to be an excellent signing at the age of 18. Mueanta will be an excellent signing in Football Manager 2022, whether you're grooming him for the future or throwing him into the deep end.

Woo-Yeong Jeong

Woo-Yeong Jeong is a dynamic attacking option who already turns out in Germany's top league. He possesses an excellent combination of finishing, pace, and poise. While his strength will need to be improved, this young South Korean might easily follow in Son's footsteps and become one of Europe's top offensive alternatives.

Toichi Suzuki

Toichi Suzuki appears to be a dependable player that might help your team in Football Manager 2022. Suzuki has a fantastic balance of numbers and can play anywhere along the left side. He just might be your new fan favorite.

Ekanit Panya

This motivated Thai attacker possesses all of the necessary qualifications to become a top-tier fighter, and the kid is eager to charge right into your side. Taking a chance on Panya, the perfect hidden treasure that might propel you to promotion or keep you out of the relegation zone could pay off handsomely.

Keito Nakamura

Keito Nakamura, a speedy winger with lots of potential to develop, appears to be another strong Japanese wonderkid in modern football. With the youngster currently going for a bargain, it could be the perfect time to take advantage and sign him into your dream team.


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