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FM22 Feature: Team meeting

Lazy Oct 9, 2021 Last modified: 24 Nov 9,709 views

Football Manager 2022 sees the introduction of a weekly staff meeting to discuss all sorts of topics involving your own team.

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Staff meeting

In addition to the recruitment meeting, you will now have a weekly meeting with your backroom staff and you will cover a wide range of topics, including coaching, training, player development and squad planning.

The meeting covers the scouting department, video analysis department and of course your coaching staff. There are various types of meetings, including one-to-one conversations with coaches and full team meetings. As always the meetings can be taken care of by you the manager, but you will also be able to delegate the entire meeting or certain areas of the meetings to your staff members.


During the season you will receive a weekly message in your inbox. Your assistant manager will then gather the topics your staff wants to talk to you about. This could be coaching topics (who takes the corners), Development (High potential players you should look at) and Staffing (Vacancies in your staff). As a manager you have the choice to attend the meeting, skip the meeting or ask for a summary.

Staff meeting

If you do attend the meeting, it will then follow the same path as the recruitment meeting which was introduced in Football Manager 2021. There are several topics to discuss and through interaction you will be able to make decisions, move on, set a reminder, or skip the topic completely.

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