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FM22: COVID and transfersystem

FMInside Sep 18, 2021 Last modified: 23 Nov 1,957 views

Some FM22 news! In this article we explain how Sports Interactive (SI) have chosen how to reflect COVID-19 into the gameplay of FM22.

The COVID-19 pandemic or coronavirus pandemic still has the world in it's grasp. In an official FM22 development-update, SI director and Football Manager godfather Miles Jacobsen revealed several details on what we can expect from FM2022 in terms of COVID implications.

The virus is still hitting players around the world, making them unavailable to play (some for long periods) and isolation is still a factor in some territories. Crowds are back in most leagues, which is great to see, but we’re still far from capacity – either because of regulations or, in some cases, because fans don’t feel ready to go back to being part of a crowd.


With the pandemic still at large, will FM22 see the introduction of COVID? A clear and massive NO from Miles and the team. Football Manager still is a game that could help you escape from the real world and while it aims to be a realistic simulation, the team at SI headquarters still feel they should present their players with the possibility to 'escape reality' by playing FM22.

In short:

  • COVID will not be added to the game as an injury
  • Players/staff will not miss matches due to COVID
  • Players/staff will not have to isolate
  • No health officials coming onto the pitch to call off friendlies because some players haven’t followed the local isolation rules.
  • Crowds will be at full capacity
  • Players will handshake before the game


One area that Football Manager 2022 will try to reflect in their game is the current transfermarket. Clubs have suffered massively from the coronavirus pandemic and SI have tried to reflect these losses into the game.

In short:

  • Clubs will have lower starting transfer budgets
  • Clubs will actively look to sell players to lower their wage bill
  • Clubs will have troubles reducing their squad size and wage bill
  • Flexible transfer system that will recover as the years pass


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