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What would be Football Manager 2022 new features

FMInside Jul 8, 2021 Last modified: 24 Nov 4,299 views

A list of possible new features for Football Manager 2022.

The most recent version of Football Manager was a great success. Based on user feedback, Football Manager 2021 was the best cure for boredom. It is also a great tool for sports betting fans on Sky Bet as it helps them gain more insight into team tactics and formations. The online betting platform is popular for allowing its members to bet on various sports, including football and horse racing, as well as top casino games. so, is there room for improvement for Football Manager 2021? 

There’s Room for Improvement 

Even though Football Manager 2021 was a huge success, there are still numerous places Football Manager 2022 can make improvements. But, fans are not expecting a major overhaul; they are looking forward to advanced features. Here are new features Football Manager 2022 is expected to have: 

VAR On/Off

The VAR has become an unwelcome addition to the football world. The time it takes for the referee to swing back and forth to the VAR stand to check a goal is really annoying. It is really frustrating as it breaks your involvement’s flow, and it becomes even more infuriating when you know the outcome. 

Therefore, Football Manager 2022 should have an option to turn off VAR or skip the waddling to make it less frustrating. VAR should not be allowed to kill the spirit in real-world football and at the same time kill the fun of Football Manager. 

Improved Player Personalities

Football Manager 2022 should make player personalities a bigger deal. This should be captured in the dealings and conversations as well as their conduct on and off the field. 

Of course, this would create some legal problems with the real players. However, it would be incredible for there to be real dramatic moments. For instance, there should be players starting fights because of their short tempers or others who avoid drama and just train hard to win. 

More Improved Player Relationships

There will always be that player you get attached to, and you take him with you everywhere you go. The game should be smart enough to capture the tight relationship. 

Football Manager 2022 could improve by allowing you to talk to your favorite players about their life. It could also reflect your affinity for certain players in the headlines and conversations. 

It should also consider allowing for deeper conversations with players. For example, allow you to talk to players and give them specific instructions on areas of their game they ought to improve. This would make the whole experience more immersive. 

More Granular Tactics 

When you critically look at Football Manager’s tactical options, you will realize they are limited. Even though other things other than the main tactics screen might influence your tactical options, the available tactics are very basic. 

Football Manager 2022 can do better by having more intense tactics and tactical training for interested players. It should allow you to drill your team to work in various phases. For instance, press a team for around 15 minutes and then step back to a different pattern. 

Final Thought

What is your expectation? Which new features are you expecting to see on Football Manager 2022? Everyone is hopeful that there will be enhancements to make it more immersive.


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