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Goal On Getting Itself In The Game With FIFA, Football Manager, And Soccer Manager

FMInside Jun 14, 2021 Last modified: 23 Nov 929 views

Modern football has evolved to more than just what happens in the field. Nowadays, football has moved into pop culture, and you will find it reflected in music, fashion, and other forms of entertainment, including gaming.

It has also become an income-generating activity for individuals who place bets on sportsbooks. If you are new to sports betting, you can enjoy Betfred Free bets as you get to learn the art. Besides sports betting, football fans also take part in playing video games. 

Goal reported that their own study revealed most of their fans play video games regularly. As a result, they started appreciating the importance of integrating Goal with the games their fans play. 

If you have been in the gaming scene for a while, you must have experienced various brand integrations. Some integration was perfect, while other integrations looked out of place. 

Goal suggested that the flawless merger of brand and gaming-inspired its strategy. It further revealed that it was targeting being everywhere, but it is about being authentic and targeted. 

In the past, Goal's RSS feeds powered the game's Match Day Live menus that offered the fans real-world football news. With time, Goal has appeared in FIFA on ad-beards in multiple LATAM countries. The choice to work with EA to include Goal into FIFA was sensible because of FIFA's position and audience. 

Paul Rayment, a strategist with Goal, stated that even though the brand was important, the company aimed to make sure that fans experienced Goal the way they do in real life. This was also true for individuals playing games too. Paul reckons that immersion was critical in gaming, and they did not want to ruin it. 

The Goal strategist revealed that he had earlier lamented why Goal was not on the Football Manager game as they were supposed to be there. His lamentations bore fruits as Goal reached out to Sports Interactive. Fans now enjoy themselves as Goal journalists quiz them about their teams. 

In the recent past, Goal's Goal 50 and NXGN awards have made their way into Football Manager 2021. This means that aspiring managers can now see how their players rank in virtual representations of Goal's annual lists for top players. 

Paul also stated that they wanted to take it further when they started working with Soccer Manager. He also revealed that Soccer Manager was attractive to Goal because it was performing strongly in Goal's main regions and its flexibility. 

One of the elements that make up the partnership is the in-game ad-boards. Goal can display their brand around the virtual pitch with other top brands, increasing brand visibility. According to Paul, Soccer Manager also allows Goal to change boards during the season to reflect their yearly editorial and awards calendar. 

Soccer Manager fans can also experience Goal from the game's news service. In addition, they will also enjoy the latest in-game transfers and match news from Goal branded news alerts. 

Paul also claimed that the new activations have helped the company register impressive numbers, especially in brand exposure. Moreover, Goal is happy that their moves have not interfered with the players' gaming experience but instead made it more immersive.


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