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Football Manager Patch 2021 21.4.0

Lazy Mar 16, 2021 Last modified: 24 Nov 16,711 views

Sports Interactive have released the final winter update for Football Manager 2021. This patch includes all February transfers.

This is the second year that Sports Interactive have decided to release two winter patches instead of one. After the patch with all the January transfers, this patch will include all transfers completed in February. Deals that have been completed in China, USA, Ukraine and Russia have now been included in this patch.

SI have also included numerous fixes to the the game, including improvements to the Match Engine and other areas of the game.

This Update is now live on FM21 (PC/Mac/Xbox Game Pass for PC), FM21 Xbox (Console/PC/Game Pass), FM21 Touch (PC/Mac/iOS/Android) and FM21 Mobile (iOS/Android). 

(This update will follow at a later date for FM21 Touch on Nintendo Switch™).

Gameplay fixes for Update 21.4 include (but are not limited to): 

  • A fix for crashes that were occurring when users entered matches
  • General in-game stability fixes
  • Better tracking of the chances which should be considered as ‘clear-cut’
  • Ensuring passing combinations appear correctly on chalkboards/stats menus
  • Most assists by a player within club records now appearing correctly

Release notes

21.4 List of Changes

Database and Research

  • Further database updates and changes up to closure of February transfer window

Crashes and Technical Issues

  • Fix crash occurring when entering match
  • General stability fixes
  • Re-added ability to upload and publish editor files directly to workshop from within Pre-Game Editor

Match Engine 21.7.0

  • Better tracking of which chances should be registered within stats as clear cut
  • Tweaks to long throwing distances based on player attributes


  • Fixes for passing combinations not appearing correctly on chalkboards
  • Most assists by a player within club records now appearing correctly

Comps and Rule Groups

  • Fixes for Portuguese suspension rules

How to install the patch

As always you will need to close down Football Manager 2021 if you are currently running the game. After you re-launch the game Steam/Epic should then automatically download & install the latest patch.


When you start a new game the game will automatically select the new database. This means that several data file, including the FMI Transfer Update aren't available. A new update will be released soon.


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