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FMI New Website is live!

Lazy Dec 13, 2020 Last modified: 24 Nov 4,236 views

After months of hard work our new website is finally live!

Welcome to the new and improved FMInside! A new brand website with loads of new functionalities and a much more improved speed! In this article we will be talking you through the new areas on the site.

Player Database

A fully functional player database for Football Manager 2021. There are currently over 165.000 players in our database, which means you will be able to find almost every player that is available in FM21.

FMI Rating system

To aid you in finding the best players we have created the FMI rating system. Every player is scored in a range from 1 - 100 and then ranked based on their overal ability.

We have also implemented a color scheme for the ranking to make it even easier to spot the best players.

The color ranks are:

  • Bronze 0 - 50
  • Silver 60 - 79
  • Gold - 80 - 89
  • Purple - 90+

Dynamic potential

As we all know loads of players have a dynamic potential in Football Manager. These players are marked in our database with a special icon and are therefore easy to spot!

Advanced search

The database has an advanced search function which allows you to search for players based on their name, nationality, value, release clauses and off course current & potential ability.

Smart filters

You also have the option to use smart filters. These filters will add several pre-filled choices and will show you a selection of players. Smart filters you will be able to use from any position on the website are:

Likes & comments

Have you found a player that has won several titles for you or someone who has developed into a world-class player? Give that player a like by double tapping the foto in his profile.

It is also an option to comment on a player, which could help other Football Manager fanatics.

The player database is still under development and we still have some cool features to look out for in the future! Be sure to check the player database on a regular basis for new stuff to find!

Club Database

Another cool database on our website is the club database. There are over 70.000 clubs to check out in the database and every club in our database has every piece of information you need, including:

  • Budgets
  • Facilities
  • Squads

Smart filters

Just like the player database it is possible to use filters to find that perfect club for your save. The database is still under development and we will be adding new features on a regular basis!

A smart flter you could already use is:

FMI Update

One of our primary features is our very own FMI Update, created by the awesome Richard aka mottadan. He is responsible for the best transfer update in the Football Manager community and his update has already reached the 1 million mark.

We wanted to give Richard and our fans the best possible experience when using our update and for that reason we have created a special FMI Update page.

Here you will be able to see highlights from our latest update, including the most notable changes in the newest update. It is also possible to see and dowload 'older' versions of the update, making it possible for you to handpick the update you want to play with.

Other new areas

While our player & club database and our FMI Update page are our best features, we have also updated our other areas on the website, including a brand new download area, guide area and shortlist area. These are still under construction and we will be releasing new features for these areas continiously.


As we said our website is still under construction and our backlog with new features, bug fixes and overall improvements is pretty impressive. However, user feedback is even more important to us! If you experience a problem or would like to suggest an improvement, please use the feedback icon in the bottom right of the screen (the blue smiley) and tell us your idea or problem!

Proud and excited!

We are very proud that are new website has been launched and we are very excited that FMInside has entered a new era!


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