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Football Manager 2022 FM22

FMI Update 22.06

Lazy Feb 27, 2022 Last modified: 13 Nov 39,304 views 5,430 downloads

This is the latest version of the FMInside Update, based on the official Football Manager 2022.3 Winter Update. With over 7.500 changes the official update has missed!

FMI Update 22.06 features

Changes: 7517

  • The latest transfers (until 27.02.22)
  • The latest loan transfers (until 27.02.22)
  • Added missing players / managers
  • Managerial changes
  • Backroom staff changes
  • Contract renewals terminations
  • Updated captains and vice-captains
  • Corrected club kit colors
  • Improved Ajax staff
  • And more!

*IMPORTANT - This update will NOT fix club names. We have decided to leave out the club names for this fresh 22.3 update as we are currently working on a seperate Club Name Fix file. This file will be released very soon and will be available on both our website and Steam.

*IMPORTANT 2 - We have decided to start with a fresh update, meaning the Japan Player database has been removed from our update. Instead we have added the Japan database as a separate file in the Update Pack. It is fully compatible with our update and also compatible with the FM22.3 winter update.

FMI Real Competition Names

If you opt to directly download the FMI Update you will also receive our very own FMI Real Name Fix included in the update. This will add real competition names to ALL playable leagues in Football Manager 2022. Install instructions are included in the update or you can check the download page of the FMI Real Name Fix.

FMI Media Pack

We also have a Media Pack which will add around 400 Media pundits to Football Manager 2022. If you opt to directly download the update the Media Pack will be added to the download. It is also available on Steam but in a seperate file. Install instructions and more info can be found on the download page of the FMI Media Pack

Japan Database

Due to licensing issues Football Manager never has a full database of players and staff from the Japanese leagues. Luckily Robbles Quin has created the best and most accurate database for Football Manager 2022! We are very lucky that Robbles has allowed us to use his database in our own FMI Update to give you the most accurate database ever! All credits go to him and his team and we would like to take time to thank him for his work and the fact he has allowed us to use his data in our update!

*Important: the FMI Update Packs will only add players and staff and will not make the Japanese ladder playable in FM22. If you want to play in Japan you can download the full pyramid created by Robbles Quin here.

Future add-ons

In addition to our transfer update we will be releasing some additional files this year. Most of these will be added in our update. But some of these will not be added into our update but will be released in seperate files. This makes it easier for you to decide which files you want to use. For us it makes updating a lot more efficient!

  • Real competition colours
  • Real club names (including nick names)
  • Real Award trophy names
  • Real life agents

All these add-ons will be available in seperate files, making it possible for you to choose the files you want to use in your saves.

How-To video How to install the update


This update is compatible with the 22.3 database of the full version of Football Manager 2022 and can't be used for Football Manager Mobile or the versions on the Nintendo Switch and/or Xbox. Also, this update is not compatible with older versions of the game like Football Manager 2021 and previous versions.

Redistribution Policy

Want to share the FMI Update on other sites? Please point the download link to this very page. You cannot host any files yourself, unless you have written permission from the authors.

How to install FMI Update 22.06

  1. Download the zipped file
  2. Unzip the contents of the folder using an unpacking software tool like 7Zip of Winrar
  3. Place the FMI Update.fmf and other files in \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021\editor data
  4. Start Football Manager and start a new career.
  5. When selecting your database files, make sure the editor file is ticked
  6. Continue to Advanced Settings
  7. Once you have selected your Nations & Leagues you can start your game.

Having troubles installing the FMI Update? Have a look at our guide on how to start a new save in Football Manager or watch the instructional video on our YouTube Channel

For installing the FMI Real Name Fix please have a look at the download page.


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