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Things to do on your first day as a manager in FM22

Zealand Dec 2, 2021 Last modified: 2 Dec 1,961 views

YouTube legend Zealand gives you tips and tricks on what to do on your first day as a manager in Football Manager 2022.

The hardest part about Football Manager is getting into it. There is nothing that exemplifies this more than your first day at a new club. There are so many things to do in FM that all need to begin on the first day. It has overwhelmed me multiple times and I just quit the game. So, here is a step-by-step guide to get you through FM’s opening saga and have a club that is ready to bag those wonderkids.

This is basically a tutorial to help you simplify your thinking and refine your focus on what actually needs to be done to start an FM save properly. I often spend a significant amount of time perusing the team and that is obviously ok to do, but the goal here is to set the wheels of success in motion. Remarkably, I just came up with that and it sounded amazing. WE ARE SETTING YOUR FOOTBALL MANAGER WHEELS OF SUCCESS IN MOTION. Alright, cool, FM, yay, video, see you soon.


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