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What if a non league team had 150K fans? Pt.2

Jenkaldo Dec 21, 2020 Last modified: 24 Nov 914 views

This is a Football Manager 2021 Experiment: What if non-league Brackley had 150,000 Fans?

It's the age old question in Football, but what if your local non-league club got bought by a Saudi Prince and given the perfect stadium and facilities? In this FM21 Experiment we take a look at what would happen if Brackley were given those facilities?

In the first part of the football manager 2021 experiment we went forward five years in time, with a view to tracking their rise all the way to the top of the FM pyramid. I might also change the clubs reputation and income to try and make it sustainable with FM21's new editor rules.

In this part we are taking things to the next level and are going 25 years into the future. Let's check out what happens.

Over time, we may need to change the reputation of the club to continue their charge up the league tables. Very early on in this experiment, they are likely to lose a lot of their money to tax, which means each year they''ll have less money to keep going to the top of Football Manager 2021.


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