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FM21 Experiment: 500 years into the future

LS Plays FM Jan 13, 2021 Last modified: 24 Nov 4,811 views

An FM21 experiment that will take you forward 500 years in time! Video created by LS Plays FM.

Its Football Manager 2021 in the future and we've gone 500 years later! That's right, its a brand new FM21 Experiment, and we've gone a very long way into the future to see just what Football Manager reckons might go on!

The answer, is a lot of crazy stuff that's for sure. I have simulated 500 years later on FM21 to find out exactly how Football Manager predicts football will look across the world and more specifically in Europe! For this FM21 Experiment, I have loaded in only the leagues in England with all of its players (mainly due to the time it takes to simulate so far into the future) but I have also included leagues from Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Northern Ireland, Wales, Ireland and Scotland as view only league so we can still take a look at them. Meaning that the Premier League, Championship, League 1, League 2, Vanarama National, Vanarma South and Vanarama North have all been fully loaded into this 500 year experiment in Football Manager 2021! 

As explained in the video guys, I have loads of Football Manager Experiments planned; not just the 500 years into the future video here today! First of all I'm happy to go 1000 years into the future as well with this same database if you guys would like me to and make this FM experiment almost like a Part 1! So in order for us to do that, should the video get 100 likes on it, then I will happily have us go 1000 years later into Football Manager 2021 here as well to see what more craziness could happen. Plus if you would like to see anything else from this FM21 500 Years Later experiment then do let me know what other leagues, competitions, etc. you would like to see and I'd happily make a follow up part to this experiment video as well!

Would you like to download this save for your own? Download it here.


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