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FM23 - Bundesliga Starting budgets

Lazy Nov 5, 2022 Last modified: 5 Nov 17,710 views

These are the starting transfer and wage budgets for the 18 clubs from the German Bundesliga in Football Manager 2023.

The German Bundesliga is a cool league to start a save in Football Manager. You have the big team in terms of Bayern Munich and a whole bunch of clubs behind them, including Borussia Dortmund, RB Leipzig and several others. It makes a save in Germany quite interesting as you have the challenge to beat the elite with Bayern but also have the challenge of competing with teams that are very competitive.

In recent years the Bundesliga has become a licenced league in Football Manager, meaning all the clubs and competitions have a set of logos and kits available. Also, the scoreboard in the Bundesliga is the official one you will see on television. That makes the Bundesliga even cooler to play in!

If we compare the league to the Premier League and the LaLiga in terms of the budgets, the Bundesliga can be compared with the Spanish league. There is a big team with a hefty budget and other teams that have far less to spend. The Bundesliga isn't a league you should start if you are not that experienced with the game, but it is one you can enjoy very much if you love open and attacking football! Biggest challenge in Germany can be found at Schalke 04. They have a massive -116M debt on their balance and you will have to work very hard to balance the books again.

Below you will see the entire list for all the starting budgets in the German Bundeliga in Football Manager 2023. It is important to know that these are the basic budgets set by the game creators and could vary in your own save depending on the goals you set for the first season. A higher goal could mean you receive more budget from your board. It is also an option to adjust your budgets, making it possible for you to increase your transfer or wage budget during the season.

FM23 Bundesliga Starting Budgets

Club Balance Transfer Wage p/w
1.FC K├Âln 25M 500k 541k
1.FC Union Berlin 678k 1M 526k
1.FSV Mainz 05 31.5M 6M 706k
Bayer Leverkusen 62.1M 8M 1.5M
Borussia Dortmund 18.3M 10M 2.7M
Bor. M├Ânchengladbach 66.8M 5M 1.4M
Eintracht Frankfurt 9.5M 5M 723k
FC Augsburg 11.5M 1M 628k
FC Bayern Munich 252M 20M 5.7M
FC Schalke 04 -116M 1M 650k
Hertha Berlin 6M 2.5M 866k
RB Leipzig 60M 20M 1.9M
SC Freiburg 22.8M 1.5M 356k
Werder Bremen 5.3M 3.75M 478k
TSG Hoffenheim 99.3M 9M 1M
VfB Stuttgart 82.5M 5.5M 427k
VfL Bochum 9.9M 0 287k
VfL Wolfsburg 66M 8M 1.6M


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