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FM22 Best training facilities

FMInside Dec 4, 2021 Last modified: 4 Dec 14,572 views

This is a list with the best training facilities in Football Manager 2022. Which clubs have the best facilities for player development?

Training and player development are both key areas in Football Manager 2022. If you want your players to develop their skills but also stay fit in order to play games, your training facilities need to be at the best possible level. The training facilities in Football Manager relate to the quality of the training ground, but they also determine the quality of the equipment players use while training. Regardless of the age, the facilities are used by all visible players at your club.

The overall level of your facilities are essential to develop the attributes of your players as this will set the standard for your overal training levels. State of the art facilities will develop players quicker than clubs with 'good' facilities. In Football Manager the level of training facilities are also build on a scale from 0 to 20, just like player attributes. However, unlike attributes, facility levels are not shown as an attribute but as a description. The levels are shown as followed:

Football Manager 2022 Training Levels

0-3 Poor
4-5 Basic
6-7 Below Average
8-9 Adequate
10-11 Average
12-13 Good
14-15 Great
16-17 Excellent
18-19 Superb
20 State of the Art

Best Training Facilities in FM22

On this list we have selected the clubs with the best training facilities in Football Manager. To make the list we have used our own FMInside Club Database and have used our own level score to create the list:

  • Facilities: 95 or higher

Needless to say is that ALL clubs on this list are playable clubs in FM22.


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