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FM22 Best Youth Academies

FMInside Nov 23, 2021 Last modified: 25 Nov 19,355 views

This is a list with the best youth academies in Football Manager 2022. Which clubs produce the best youth players and newgens in FM22.

Developing youth players is a part of Football Manager that we all enjoy doing. Nothing is more satisfying than that one youth player who breaks through in the first team and grows into a star player. Football Manager players often choose a club based on the youth academy levels.

In this list today we present the best youth academy from Football Manager 2022. It has become a list with 24 different clubs and they come from all corners of the world. It is also important that they are all playable clubs. For example, there are clubs in FM22 with great youth academy but which are not playable, such as some in France.

Search criteria

In our FMI FM22 Club Database we searched for clubs that meet the following criteria:

  • Youth Coaching: 17 or higher
  • Youth Facilities: 17 or higher
  • Youth Recruitment: 17 or higher

FM22 Best Youth Academies


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