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Fallen Giants to resurrect in Football Manager 2022

FMInside Oct 5, 2021 Last modified: 24 Nov 14,732 views

Looking to bring back the glory at clubs that used to be at the top of football? On this list we present you with 6 fallen giants to resurrect in Football Manager 2022.

Restoring the glory at a former ‘big gun’ in football could prove to be a great challenge in Football Manager 2022 and these clubs will test your managerial skills right from the start. The clubs in this article will ask you to rebuild the club from scratch, hunt for promotions and claim their first (ever) championship title in decades!

*The data in this article is currently still from our FM21 database. The FM22 data will be added once the game is available.

Hamburger SV

HSV or Hamburger SV is one of those clubs you think about when talking about German football. There are three German clubs that have won the Champions League and HSV is one of them. They were a massive club during the 1980's and in the following years they have always been considered as a leading Bundesliga club.

In the 21st century, HSV alternated good seasons with poor ones, but the team always finished in a safe position and managed to claim European football more than once. After 2010, however, things quickly went downhill for the club, partly due to mismanagement in the top layer of the club. In 2014 they narrowly avoided relegation, but a few seasons later (2018) they were unable to keep their heads above water and went down for the first time in the history of the Bundesliga.

From the 2018/2019 season, HSV has been trying to return to the highest level, but it says enough that the club has not succeeded so far. This club needs to be built up and you will be faced with the arduous task of initially getting HSV back to the Bundesliga and then leading them to the top.

Deportivo La Coruna

You can't really call Deportivo a fallen giant. The club only had a very short period at the top of European football, at the end of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century. At the time they had a great team that, to everyone's surprise, managed to become champions of Spain in 2000 and reach the semi-finals of the Champions League in 2004.

That team is long gone and in recent years it has invariably been doom and gloom at Depor. Since 2010, the club has been going up and down between LaLiga and the Segunda, although the club had a period of four seasons on the highest level. In 2018, however, they were relegated once again and that relegation meant the end of the club. Two years later, they were even relegated to the Segunda Division B, the third tier in Spain. The club still plays there.

Depor is a great challenge for players who like longer games. You start in the 3rd division and have to work your way up to the highest level through two promotions. For a novice manager this may be a step too far, but if you are experienced Depor can be a great challenge!

Nottingham Forest

This illustrious English club has been wanting to take the step back up for years, but never managed to do so as they fail to take that last step back time and again. Nottingham is one of five English clubs to have won a Champions League and one of four to have won the cup more than once. Their most famous manager is Brian Clough, who is considered an absolute legend at the club. He managed the club from 1975 until 1993 and he was responsible for winning their only league title and their Champions League titles.

Forest is also one of the oldest clubs in the world and for that reason alone the club is interesting to start a save with. In total, the club has only won one English title and last played on the highest level in 1999. This club has everything to be a great club, only that one last piece of the puzzle is missing. Maybe you are that piece and you will bring Forest back to the absolute top of England and Europe.


The Brazilian side Cruzeiro will be one of the newer faces on the Fallen Giants lists you will find across the internet. They are considered as one of the largest and most successful Brazilian clubs ever as they have won five league titles, six domestic cups and four continental trophies. Fans were left devestated when the club got relegated for the first time in history in 2019.

Less than ten years ago the club won back-to-back championships but problems at the club turned their favours around. In their final season in the top flight they had five different coaches as the club also had big financial problems. Players weren't paid, directors left the club or were fired. Needless to say that this club is a big mess.

Reasons enough to become the new national hero of Cruzeiro in Football Manager 2022. Bring them back to the top flight, get the finances back as they once were and create a healthy and serious challenger for the title in Brazil.


Italian side Palermo has been one of the most used teams on Football Manager over the past decade. The fact that this club plays on the island where the Mafia once originated makes this club extra interesting for many players. But the beautiful pink uniform also appeals to many, as did the crazy former chairman Maurizio Samparini, who managed to make Palermo a stable Serie A team.

Unfortunately, the club failed to keep its head above water. The laws of football are tough and with Zamparini at the helm, manager after manager was sacked, not helping the club's performances on the pitch. The club continued to decline and in 2017 Palermo would be relegated to Serie B.

Palermo's problems only increased after Zamparini sold the club later on. Several owners came and the club continued to run into financial difficulties. In 2019 Palermo was declared bankrupt due to the disturbances and the club disappeared completely from professional football. In 2019, a new club called Palermo Football Club emerged and that club now plays in Serie C, the lowest level available in FM22.


Last but not least is AJ Auxerre from France. While they aren't a real former giant, you can't look passed this club when thinking about historic French clubs. Under the leadership of Guy Roux (who led the club from 1964 to 2005) this club was known for their insanely good youth academy, producing notable players such as Eric Cantona, Laurent Blanc, Stephane Guivarc'h, Philippe Mexes and Djibril Cissé.

The club was founded in the early 1900's and made the jump the highest tier in 1980, remaining there until the 2011/2012 season. Throughout their stay in the top flight they managed to win one single league title (1995) and four Coupe de France titles. After their relegation in 2012, Auxerre have been trying to get back up to the Ligue 1 again but failed at every attempt.

At Auxerre you will find a great setup to start a long-term career with. The facilities and academy are both of a high level and it is just a matter of time before the next Blanc or Cantona arises from the intake. If you want to battle Paris Saint-Germain with a historic French club, AJ Auxerre is a very good choice!

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