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Teams to manage with the new FMI Update

Richard Jul 16, 2021 Last modified: 24 Nov 3,773 views

A list of teams to manage when using the latest version of the FMI Update.

Now that all the promotions and relegations are done, it’s time to look at what interesting teams there are to start a new save with, with the newest FMInside Data Update. We made a list of five interesting teams to manage.

Steau Bucuresti

First on the list is Steau Bucuresti. No, not FCSB, but the club that can legally wear the name of the Steau we all know. The honours and who is able to claim to be the most successful club in Romanian history, is still disputed. This all means there’s a lot of tension around these two teams. And now that Steau got promoted to the second tier, they’re within one promotion of battling their court rivals on the field. For us this makes Steau Bucuresti an interesting team to manage with the new update.


From Romania to Scotland as Kilmarnock is the next team we can recommend. The oldest professional team in the country got relegated after a 28 year Premiership stint. Already enough of a reason to start a save with them. But there’s more, as they now will share the league with long-standing football rivals Ayr United. Though, you’ll have to play them with a complete new squad, as 17 players have left and 13 new players have joined the team. A great challenge we wish you the best of luck with.

Union Berlin

Promoted and relegated sides are always great recommendations, but so are teams making a debut in an European Cup. Hence Union Berlin is on the list. Last season saw them finish in 7th which meant they qualified for the new UEFA Conference League. As we couldn’t recreate the real life situation in FM, they’ll be playing in the UEFA Europa League in the update instead. Though, this shouldn’t spoil the fun of their first European adventure. Don’t worry about your squad too much, as they’ve already improved heavily this transfer window. How impressive can you make their European debut?


Back-to-back promotions isn’t something you see every year. However, Portugese side Vizela managed to do it. Now, after 36 years, they’re back in the Primeira Liga. For only the second time ever in their entire history. The first stint was a short one; relegation in first season. So, are you ready for this challenge? It’ll be a fun one.


We’ve come to the last team on the list. But not the least. As we’ve saved the best for last. It’s Sileks, an unknown team from North-Macedonia. You need to download the league (and maybe use the pre-game editor) before you can play with them. But we think it’ll be worth it, since Sileks managed to win the cup, so they’ll be in an European cup, and lose the relegation play-offs, so they’ll play in North-Macedonia’s second tier. A fantastic scenario for any FM player and certainly one we’ll be trying. Will you?

Honorable mentions;

  • Schalke 04
  • Werder Bremen
  • ADO Den Haag
  • Rapid Bucarest
  • FC Sochi


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