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Eastern European teams to manage

Lazy Jan 17, 2021 Last modified: 23 Nov 6,527 views

This is a list with potential clubs to manage in FM2021 from Eastern Europe.

Modern day football has been domninated by teams from Western Europe but there was a time that clubs from Eastern Europe could match the performances of the clubs from the West. Despite some impressive teams from Hungarian, Serbian and Romanian clubs, Eastern European clubs have only won five European trophies.

With this in mind it could be a great challenge in Football Manager to take on an Eastern European club and try to lead them to the top of European football. This list could give you some ideas of who to manage in Eastern Europe.

Big teams

If you don't want to hassle with developing a club in both Europe and it's country, you should try a save with one of the big teams of these leagues. We have selected five clubs.

Dinamo Zagreb is the biggest club in Croatia and have won multiple titles over the past few years. Dinamo Minsk is one of the most decorated clubs in Belarus and the same goes for FK Partizan from Serbia. Sparta Prague used to be the big club from Czech Republic, but they haven't won a title in several years. Dinamo Kyiv is one of the two major clubs in Ukraine.

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Mid-Table Teams

With these clubs you will be challenged to win a title in your home country. They are all mid-table to lower mid-table teams and will need some development before you will be able to challenge for the title and fight for European success.

All the teams have been in the top flights for years and might even have won the occasional trophy or two. However, they are all outsiders and not considered as 'the big team'.

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Lower Teams

And finally several 'lower' teams that will need some serious building. These clubs will have to develop from - sometimes - a lower league into a stable top division club first before you will be able to fight for silverware.

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