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5 Football Manager Challenges

Lazy Dec 22, 2020 Last modified: 24 Nov 22,763 views

5 challenges to complete in Football Manager 2021.

In this article we are taking it a step further and give you 5 possible Football Manager Challenges for you to complete in any version of the game. Some of them are easier to complete than others and some are almost impossible to complete.

Big brother challenge

This challenge is all about defeating your bigger brother and becoming the biggest club of the city. In football there are numerous cities that have more than one football club. Manchester has United, City and FC United and Paris has PSG and Paris FC and Munich has Bayern and 1860 for example.

In this challenge you will be taking control of the smallest of those clubs and it will be your main goal to beat your ‘big brother’. The thing is, you will not only have to finish above them in the league. No, it is your goal to beat them on every possible area.

  • Winning more trophies
  • Getting a bigger stadium
  • Overall club value has to be higher

If you take control at FC United for example, you will have to win at least 68 different trophies, build a stadium with a capacity higher than 75.635 and have an overall club value of 1.68 Billion if you want to beat Manchester United.

But it is also possible your big brother will win some extra trophies, build a bigger stadium and be worth more during longer saves.

Challenge is finished when

This challenge is completed when you surpass your big brother on all three areas.

Pentagon challenge

The Pentagon Challenge is one of the more well-known Football Manager Challenges. But this doesn’t make the challenge any easier to complete. This is a challenge that only the most determined players will complete.

It is your aim to win all the continents Champions Leagues. That means you will have to win:

  • Champions League (Europe)
  • Copa Libertadores (South America)
  • NACL (North America)
  • African Champions League (Africa)
  • Asian Champions League (Asia)

And if you are able to download a custom league database, you will be able to win the OFC Champions League too (Oceania) and make it the Hexagon challenge. This one isn’t included in the standard database, so it’s not included in the original challenge.

To make this more challenging for you, you could start a save as an unemployed manager without any licences or reputation.

Challenge is finished when

You have completed the challenge when all 5 Champions Leagues have been won in the same save.

Club & Country challenge

Also known as the San Marino challenge. In this challenge it is your aim to win the Champions League with a club and the World Cup with a nation, whilst managing them at the same time. By managing both club and country you are capable of developing nation players to feature in both squads.

For this challenge you could either take an easy country like England, or you could be focussing on a country outside of the top 50 on the official FIFA ranking. Nations that are considered as very hard are:

  • San Marino
  • Liechtenstein
  • Luxemburg

To make it a little easier you can use a nation like:

  • Serbia
  • Czech Republic
  • Slovakia

Challenge is finished when

You will complete this challenge if you win the Champions League with your club and the World Cup with your country in the same save.

Dof challenge

This is one of the more fun Football Manager Challenges, but also one of the most frustrating. The Director of Football has been making his mark on international football. More and more clubs are hiring a ‘DOF’ and more and more clubs leave all important player decisions on his table.

In this challenge you will have to leave all the possible responsibilities to your Director of Football. That way he will be in charge of almost everything at the club. He will be responsible for:

  • Completing transfers
  • Making transferbids
  • Appointing staff
  • Setting scouting assignments
  • Renewing contracts

Basically: he will be making all the decisions and you will just have to accept it.

Challenge is finished when

This challenge does not have a success target like winning a trophy. The challenge will be successful if you manage to win trophies at a club where the squads have been selected by your Director of Football.

You can also make this challenge even more difficult, by starting at a lower league club and try to promote to the highest league and win it.

Journeyman challenge

Managers tend to spend little time at clubs these days. So this challenge focusses on that. It is one of my favourite Football Manager Challenges to complete and this is the Journeyman challenge.

You start a save as an unemployed manager, without any reputation or coaching badges. By hopping clubs you will try to work your way up the ladder, all the way to the top of the world. Your ultimate goal will be to win first place in the Hall of Fame World Wide.

How you get to that level is completely up to yourself. But as the name ‘journeyman’ implies, it’s kind of expected that you move around the world hopping clubs. By playing games and winning them you will increase your reputation. Winning matches will obviously get you some trophies on the way, which will also help your worldwide reputation. If you have the determination to keep on playing, you will end up in one of the top leagues, managing one of the major clubs.

Challenge is finished when

This challenge will be completed after you reach first place in the hall of fame worldwide. The more nations you will load, the harder it will be to get to the top.


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