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Football Manager pregame editor

If you like to edit Football Manager-data, you can use the pregame editor. In the pregame editor you can alter all sorts of data like player attributes, player names, player positions, club names, rivalries, affiliates, financial information and many more.

In this step by step guide we explain how easy it is to find the editor on Steam and then installing it on your desktop or laptop.

*Note: the screenshots are showing FM17, but this guide will also work for Football Manager 2019, but also older versions of the game.

Things you can create with the Football Manager Pregame Editor:

System requirements

The editor of Football Manager is a powerful tool and uses the full extend of the Database. For the Editor to run in optimal conditions, it is recommended that your system runs on a minimum of 2GB RAM. When using the editor on a low-end system, you might experience poor or slower performances.

How to install the editor

It is very easy to install the Editor, it only takes a couple of steps!

Step 1: Find the editor in Steam

Open Steam > Click on Tab Library > Click on Tools After you click on Tools you will see a big list with different ‘Tools’ to install. Look for the Football Manager Editor.

Step 2: Installing the pregame editor

Once you found it double click on it. That should bring up a pop-up window for installation. This window gives you various options, including the install location, if you want to create a desktop icon and/or menu shortcut.

Step 3: Pick install location

The minimum amount of disk space required is 170MB. So, when choosing a location for the installation, make sure you have enough of space available at the location.

Follow the steps by clicking ‘NEXT

After installation you can start the editor either via the shortcut on your desktop or start menu shortcut. Start the editor by activating one of these. And that is all there is, have fun editing!

NOTE: Be careful with editing the data of Football Manager. Editing too much or editing the wrong data could make your game corrupt and unplayable.

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