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Sir Alex Ferguson Challenge

2dPitchFM Nov 23, 2022 Last modified: 25 Nov 16,627 views

This is the Sir Alex Ferguson Challenge for Football Manager. A challenge that requires you to win at least 26 different trophies!

The Godfather of football management, Sir Alex Ferguson. Best known for his days at Manchester United but did you know he also won the European Cup with Scottish club Aberdeen? They aren’t involved here but Ferguson’s time at Old Trafford features heavily.

To take on this challenge in Football Manager you’ll need to load the English Premier League. Then go into holiday mode and go to November 6th. Once there you take over the football club in 19th position on the table.

From then on you will need to win the following within 26 years. For example, if starting in 2022 you’ll need the below by 2048!


It is your aim to replicate the number of trophies won by Sir Alex Ferguson as manager of a Premier League club.

  • 13x Premier League
  • 10x Community Shield
  • 5x FA Cup
  • 4x Carabao Cup
  • 2x UEFA Champions League
  • 1x UEFA Europa League
  • 1x UEFA Super Cup
  • 2x FIFA Club World Cup


To complete the challenge in Football Manager you will have to follow certain rules.

  • Holiday to November 6th
  • Take control of the club that is in 19th place
  • Stay at that same club for at least 26 seasons
  • Focus on your own youth academy for new players
  • Don't spend more than 70m per transfer window

Extra challenges

If you can achieve all of the above within 26 years then well done to you but there are ways to make it harder. To increase the difficulty you must have a minimum of THREE academy products in the starting eleven for every game played.

Try to replicate the win streaks of Sir Alex Ferguson as a manager at Manchester United:

  • Win an English cup within four seasons
  • A championship within seven seasons
  • A double (Cup and League) within 8 seasons
  • The Triple (Cup, League & CL) within 13 seasons

Tips to complete the challenge

When creating a manager use a higher experience and coaching badges to decrease the difficulty of the challenge. It will be easier to handle your players and will be easier to convince players to join your club.

Completed the challenge?

Are currently in this challenge in Football Manager? Good luck to you! Leave a comment to tell us how you did! Or head over to our Twitter page or Discord Channel and share your story with us!


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