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Ethan Wheatley

Player info

  • NameEthan Wheatley
  • Age16
  • Position(s)STST
  • FootRight
  • Height184 CM
  • Unique ID2000190311


Best roles (suitable)

  1. Advanced Forward (Attack)33.5
  2. Complete Forward (Support)30.6
  3. Complete Forward (Attack)30.2
  4. Trequartista (Attack)28.5
  5. False Nine (Support)24.5

Best roles (not-suitable)

  1. Winger (Support)37.5
  2. Inside Forward (Attack)33.7
  3. Winger (Attack)33.1
  4. Inside Forward (Support)32.1
  5. Inverted Winger (Support)31.2
  6. Shadow Striker (Attack)30.6
  7. Inverted Winger (Attack)29.3
  8. Complete Wing-Back (Attack)25.4
  9. Raumdeuter (Attack)25.4
  10. Complete Wing-back (Support)25.3
  11. Wide Centre-back (Defend)25
  12. Roaming Playmaker (Support)25
  13. Wide Target Man (Attack)25


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