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Jack Moorhouse

Player info

  • NameJack Moorhouse
  • Age16
  • Position(s)MC, AMCMC
  • FootRight
  • Height177 CM
  • Unique ID2000190306


Best roles (suitable)

  1. Trequartista (Attack)28.8
  2. Shadow Striker (Attack)27.2
  3. Mezzala (Attack)23.3
  4. Mezzala (Support)23.1
  5. Attacking Midfielder (Attack)23

Best roles (not-suitable)

  1. Inside Forward (Attack)33.7
  2. Winger (Support)32.2
  3. Inside Forward (Support)31.9
  4. Advanced Forward (Attack)30.1
  5. Winger (Attack)29
  6. Complete Forward (Support)28.7
  7. Complete Forward (Attack)27.8
  8. Inverted Winger (Support)27.4
  9. Inverted Winger (Attack)26.8
  10. Segundo Volante (Attack)26.7
  11. Complete Wing-Back (Attack)26.1
  12. Segundo Volante (Support)25.9
  13. Complete Wing-back (Support)25.3
  14. Raumdeuter (Attack)24.3
  15. False Nine (Support)24.2
  16. Roaming Playmaker (Support)24
  17. Central Defender (Defend)24


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