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FM19: Best Youth Academies




Developing youth is one of the most fun parts in Football Manager. However, creating a good youth academy that produces a lot of wonderkids takes time and money. If you don’t like longer saves, but do like youth development. Take the job on at one of these clubs and just enjoy the fact that they have the best youth academies in Football Manager 2019!

Best Academy is in Austria

We went into the database in Football Manager and searched for clubs with the best academies. We did so by using the following criteria:

  • Youth Academy 16 or higher
  • Youth Facilities 16 or higher
  • Importance of youth 16 or higher
  • Youth Scouting 16 or higher

That gave us a total of 29 different clubs. We then took out 3 clubs as these aren’t manageable in Football Manager (French school INF Clairefontaine for example).

If we take a look at the list we can see that the best youth academy is not in England, Spain, Italy or even Holland. But, it is based in Austria! It is owned by Red Bull Salzburg and this is the only club that scores at least 19 on all 4 criteria.

Holland best country for academies

Holland is the country that is best represented on this list. With Ajax, Feyenoord and PSV as the usual suspects, Alkmaar based club AZ have now made their way onto this list as well. The have some awesome wonderkids, with Myron Boadu being the best one available.

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Best Youth Academies in FM19

In the table below you will various abbreviations. These mean:

YA = Youth Academy
YF = Youth Facilities
IoY = Importance of Youth
YS = Youth Scouting

The table has been sorted on alphabet, but you can easily sort it on one of the other columns.

[table id=104 /]

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