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Owner and administrator at FMInside. Mostly FM-addict & journeyman preacher
DF11 2019 Facepack

DF11 2019 Facepack – Update 2

DF11 Facepack returns for another season of Football Manager! Enhance the realism of your copy of Football Manager 2019 and download the awesome custom Facepack created by our partnersite DF11Faces.com.

Andromeda FM19 Skin

The Andromeda Skin has made its return for Football Manager 2019. This is a dark custom skin for FM19 and has options for larger facepacks, including DF11.

Alban Lafont

Alban Lafont is seen as one of the bigger talents of his generation. The young French goalkeeper has already been tipped as the future replacement for Hugo Lloris in the French national team. We have taken a look how he develops in Football Manager 2019!

Gianluigi Donnarumma

Gianluigi Donnarumma is the goalkeeper with the most potential in Football Manager 2019. He has declined in potential though, coming from -10 to -95. Despite him being well-known, we wanted to create a report to show you how good he can be and how expensive he is.
TCM19 Logopack

TCM19 Logopack

The 6th edition of the TCM Megapack for Football Manager. After more than 1.5 Million downloads for previous versions, we want to offer more! Adopt...
Football Manager 2019 Player Database

Football Manager 2019 Player Database

Are you looking for a new player in Football Manager 2019? Use the official FMInside Football Manager 2019 Player Database to find the perfect...
FMI Update 2019

FMI Update 2019

The FMInside Update has returned for the 2019 season! The FMI Update 2019 will improve and enhance your Football Manager 2019 database and will take it to the next level!
Purchase Football Manager 2019

Buy Football Manager 2019 (€ 41,40 / £ 29,70)

Purchase your copy of Football Manager 2019 through FMInside and 2Game for a reduced price.
Gedson Fernandes Football-Manager-2019-FMInside

Gedson Fernandes

Gedson Fernandes is Portugal en Benfica's latest wonderkid midfielder. We take a look at his profile and development in Football Manager 2019.
Rensie Custom Skin Football-Manager-2019

Rensie custom skin for FM19

Rensie Custom Skin is back for Football Manager 2019. The main idea of the skin is to make simple adjustments to make the game better.
Superliga-Argentina Football-Manager 2019

Superliga Argentina: FM19 League guide

The new Football Manager season is upon us. Enough reason to start up the game, fire up that Premier League and start the usual...
DF11 Base Skins Football Manager 2019

DF11 Base Skins 2019

3 Base skins with DF11 panels to display facepacks in large size. Easy on the eyes boxes & Instant result button included.
Antonio Marin Football Manager 2019 FMInside

Antonio Marin

Antonio Marin is a young Croatian winger that has the potential te develop into an elite player. A true bargain in FM19!

Football Manager 2019 Patch 19.1 released

Sports Interactive have released a new hotfix for Football Manager 2019 ahead of the full release on Friday November 2nd.
Fierro's Action Pack 2019

Fierro’s Action Pack 2019

Welcome to the Fierro's Action Pack 2019 for Football Manager. Currently 11,700 players, 2,800 staff and 100 free transfers. This is a unique Facepack for Football Manager 2019 and older versions.
Neub Skin Football Manager 2019

Neub Skin FM19 v.1.1

Hey, I'm happy to present to you the FM19 version of my K76 Skin for FM18. That's very similar, I improved some panels and...
Dayot Upamecano Football Manager Inside Football Manager 2019

Dayot Upamecano

Young centre-back Dayot Upamecano was picked by RB Leipzig while he was in the youth set-up at French side Valenciennes. He is considered as one of the most talented defenders in Football Manager 2019.
Football Manager 2019 Club Finder

Football Manager 2019 Club Finder

Can't think of a club to start a save with in Football Manager 2019? Our Football Manager 2019 Club Finder will help you find that club you want!
Alphonso Davies Football Manager 2019 FMInside

Alphonso Davies

Bought by Bayern Munich as a future replacement for Frank Ribery, the young Alphonso Davies could become the first Canadian super star in Europe....

Sergej Milinkovic-Savic

Sergej Milinkovic-Savic is one of the best young midfielders in Football Manager 2019. The Serbian powerhouse starts off at Italian side Lazio, but has...

Football Manager 2019 Patch 19.0.3 released

Sports Interactive have released a new hotfix for the Football Manager 2019 Beta, addressing several bugs and stability issues.
Rodrygo Football Manager 2019 FMInside


Rodrygo is a young Brazilian winger that has been signed by Real Madrid for a massive 45M fee. He is seen as one of the biggest talents of his generation in real life football, but how good can he become in FM19?
Football Manager 2019 Best Physios and sports scientists

Football Manager 2019 Best Physios and Sports Scientists

A shortlist that shows you the Football Manager 2019 Best Physios and Sports Scientists. Sign the best medical team for your squad in FM19!
Default Dark Skins for Football Manager 2019

Default Skins – Proper Dark v1.3

Default Dark Skins with Dark Inbox & Calendar and Scouting created by Ramoscu on behalf of FMTurkiye.NET for Football Manager 2019.
Matthijs de Ligt Football Manager 2019 FMInside

Matthijs de Ligt

Matthijs de Ligt is considered to be one of the biggest defensive talents in the world. Will he be the strongest defender in Football Manager 2019?
Ousmane Dembele Football Manager 2019 FMInside

Ousmane Dembele

Ousmane Dembele is the most talented right winger in Football Manager 2019. If you have cash, spend it on this lad. You won't regret it.
Kylian Mbappe Football Manager 2019 FMInside

Kylian Mbappe

Kylian Mbappe is the biggest and strongest wonderkid in Football Manager 2019. Everybody knows him, so why a player report? Just to show you...
Football Manager 2019 Best Scouts & Data Analysts

Football Manager 2019 Best Scouts & Data Analysts

This list shows you the Football Manager 2019 Best Scouts & Data Analysts. Find out who to sign in FM19 to help you find the best wonderkids in the game!
Football Manager 2019 19.0.2 hotfix

Football Manager 2019 Patch 19.0.2 released

Sports Interactive have released a hotfix for the Football Manager 2019 Beta, addressing several bugs and stability issues.
Football Manager 2019 Best coaches

Football Manager 2019 Best Coaches

Improve the quality of your training in Football Manager 2019 by signing the best available coaches!
Football Manager 2019 Wonderkids

Football Manager 2019 Wonderkids

The biggest Football Manager 2019 Wonderkids list you will be able to find on the internet! Find the best wonderkids in Football Manager 2019!
Football Manager 2019 Beta

Football Manager 2019 Beta out now!

The Football Manager 2019 Beta is now available for download through steam for everybody that has pre-purchased the game. If you forgot to pre-purchase, you can still buy it through FMInside and 2Game and start playing the Beta immediately!

Journeyman Episode 12: Keeping our perfect record?

Football Manager 2018 Journeyman - October 2017 - Keeping our perfect record?Tynecastle loses perfect record after draw 01.10.2017 | An unexpected draw has made an...
Free midfielders in Football Manager 2019

20 Free midfielders to look for in Football Manager 2019

A list with a total of 20 free midfielders in Football Manager 2019. Are you on a tight budget or need cover for an injury? Have a look at this shortlist!

Journeyman Episode 11: Topping the league

Football Manager 2018 Journeyman save - September 2017 - Topping the league!
Nicolas Pepe

Nicolas Pepe

With five goals and five assists, Nicolas Pepe is currently one of the leading performers in the French Ligue 1. Time to create a Football Manager 2018 player report!
Krzysztof Piatek

Krzysztof Piatek

Krzysztof Piatek has been surprising friends and foes in Europe by scoring 12 goals in his first 7 games for Genoa in the 2018/2019 season. Reason enough to take a look at this guy in Football Manager 2018, using our transfer update.
Golden Boy shortlist for Football Manager 2019

European Golden Boy 2018 Shortlist

The Golden Boy is here! Each year reporters from the biggest newspapers select the best young player in Europe. All nominees must be under the...

Journeyman Episode 10: The new season is here!

Football Manager 2018 Journeyman save - August 2017 - The new season is here!

Journeyman Episode 9: Getting ready for the season

Football Manager 2018 Journeyman save - July 2017 Part 2 - Getting ready for the season.

Football Manager 2019: Official Bundesliga Licence

After a wait of more than a decade, the fully licensed Bundesliga finally makes its debut in Football Manager 2019. This means that in FM19 both the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 will be kitted out with club badges, kits and player faces as well as the respective trophies for each league, creating an even more immersive user experience.
Revamped training module in football manager 2019

Football Manager 2019: New training system

In Football Manager 2019 training undergoes its biggest overhaul in the history of the series.Over the years we’ve been lucky to enjoy extensive access...

Football Manager 2019: VAR and Match Improvements

With the revealing of the new Football Manager 2019 features, Sports Interactive have announced that they have made massive improvements on the Matchday experience you have as a manager. The game also sees the introduction of the Video Assistance Referee aka VAR.

Football Manager 2019: Revamped Tactics Module

One of the major revamps in Football Manager 2019 has been the revamp of the tactical system. There will be many new features to...
Pre-Purchase Football Manager 2019 Features

Football Manager 2019: First look

Sports Interactive have finally given the fans what they were hoping for: a first look at the new Football Manager 2019 Features! With less than a month to go before the Football Manager 2019 Beta looks to be released, SI have unveiled their biggest new features for the new game. Lets find out what they have revealed!
Free centre-backs in Football Manager 2019

Free centre-backs in Football Manager 2019

A list with 15 centre-backs that will be available on a free transfer in Football Manager 2019.

10 clubs to manage in Football Manager 2019

Football Manager 2019 is on the verge of its release and that is exactly why we have published the article. Are you ready and...

Journeyman Episode 8 – Preseason continues

Football Manager 2018 Journeyman save - July 2017 Part 1 - Preseason continuesPollock edges small win over Tynecastle 01.07.2017 | A bit of a disappointment...

Journeyman Episode 7: Turn of events

Episode 7 in the Journeyman save and June 2017 will be the subject of this episode.
Sergio Gomez Football Manager 2018

Sergio Gomez

Sergio Gomez is a young central midfielder that plays for Borussia Dortmund. If you play your cards right, he could be your own version of Andres Iniesta.

10 Free Goalkeepers to look out for in FM19

A list with 10 goalkeepers that could turn up to be a free transfer bargain in Football Manager 2019.
Joao Felix

Joao Felix

17-year-old Joao Felix is one of the most gifted young players from the Benfica youth academy. Will the young attacking midfielder become a world star?

Journeyman Episode 6: Signing my first contract

Hi guys and welcome to episode 6 of my journeyman save with Football Manager 2018. After an introduction series it is time to officially start my save and venture into the world of football management!

FMInside Discord server

We at Football Manager Inside are proud to announce that we have officially launched our very own server at Discord!

Tanguy Ndombele

Tanguy Ndombele is considered to be one of the most talented defensive midfielders in Football Manager 2018. He may be unavailable in the first season, but if you play a longer save you should really have a look at him!

Journeyman Episode 5: Manager and Tactics

Episode 5 in the Journeyman story! In this episode I will be discussing the manager that I have created and I will be discussing the tactics that I will be using in this save game!

12 free strikers to look out for in FM19

Football Manager 2019 will be released on November 2nd and until that date arrives, we will be looking ahead at the game with a...

Journeyman Episode 4: the first journeyman Part 3

Hi guys and welcome again to a new episode of the Journeyman! In this episode we will be continuing the story about my first...

Abel Ruiz

Abel Ruiz is a talented Spanish forward that plays for FC Barcelona B in Football Manager. He is considered to be one of the most talented forwards of his generation and could be an awesome striker for your team!
Guilherme Arana

Guilherme Arana

Are you looking for a talented and speedy left wing-back? Guilherme Arana could be the player you are looking for!

JourneyMan Episode 3: the first journeyman Part 2

Hi guys and welcome to episode my blog series on FMInside. In my last post I took you with me in one of my...
Football Manager 2019 Wonderkids

5 potential Football Manager 2019 Wonderkids

Looking ahead towards the release of Football Manager 2019, we have decided to create a list with 5 potential Football Manager 2019 wonderkids.

JourneyMan Episode 2: FM10 the first journeyman Part 1

Welcome at episode 2 of the JourneyMan. After the introduction in Episode 1, I will be taking you with me on a journey through...

The JourneyMan Episode 1 | Introduction

A new Football Manager Story at FMInside! This is the introduction for the JourneyMan!
Pre-Purchase Football Manager 2019 Features

Football Manager 2019: What do we know?

On this page we will be keeping up to date on the latest news on Football Manager 2019.

Football Manager 2019 Minimum System Requirements

The minimum requirements for you to run Football Manager 2019 on your machine. The game is expected to be launched on Windows and Mac.

Football Manager 2019 revealed | Game out Nov 2nd

Sports Interactive have revealed the first information on Football Manager 2019. They released an official video and revealed that the game will be launched...

Why Tottenham Hotspur are the Perfect Team on Football Manager

Football Manager players, go and start a new career with Tottenham Hotspur – you won’t regret it. Well, you might regret it if you...
harry kane

Planning for the World Cup on FM18

An incredible manager like Bobby Robson couldn’t do it. An experienced manager like Roy Hodgson couldn’t do it. Not even Sam Allardyce, a manager...
Carlos Soler

Carlos Soler

Carlos Soler is a talented midfielder from Spain, who plays for Valencia. He is expensive to acquire, but if you have some cash left; it will be money well spend.
Cesar Montes

Cesar Montes

Cesar Montes received a high rating from our scouts and that is fully deserved. He is an amazing young player that is able to play in the Premier League from the first season.
Carles Alena

Carles Alena

The left-footed Spaniard Carles Alena has been tipped as a natural replacement for Andres Iniesta at FC Barcelona. How good is the young midfielder in FM18?
Aaron Martin

Aaron Martin

Aaron Martin has made the left-back spot his own at Espanyol and is considered as one of the more talented left full-backs in Football Manager 2018. Available for a good price, Aaron is an interesting player for you to look out for.
Andre Onana

Andre Onana

Andre Onana is a young goalkeeper who plays for Ajax Amsterdam. The Cameroonian international has enough potential to develop into a Premier League goalkeeper in the future.

FM18 Takes The Football Manager Series To New Heights

Football Manager has established itself as the definitive football management game, with an existence spanning decades in various forms. With each new game, features...
Lautaro Martinez

Lautaro Martinez

Pound for pound, Lautaro Martinez is probably the biggest bargain in Football Manager 2018.
Kieran Tierney

Kieran Tierney

Kieran Tierney is one of the biggest defensive wonderkids in Football Manager 2018 and a lovely player to have in the team.

Football Manager Wonderkids Who Never Made it

Starting out under the name Championship Manger, Sports Interactive’s ‘Football Manager’ has become the most popular football simulation management game across the globe. Managers and...
Alban Lafont

Alban Lafont

With Alban Lafont you could be signing one of the most talented goalkeepers in Football Manager 2018. How good can he be?
Cengiz Under

Cengiz Under

Cengiz Under is a lovely player to have in Football Manager 2018. With the correct development, Under can be a very dangerous winger.
Riccardo Orsolini

Riccardo Orsolini

Riccardo Orsolini is a great player to acquire in Football Manager 2018. He is good enough to feature in the Serie A already and has the potential to be an elite winger like Arjen Robben.
Donny van de Beek

Donny van de Beek

Dutch wonderkid Donny van de Beek has been impressing in the last couple of versions of Football Manager. How will the midfielder develop in Football Manager 2018? We take a look!
Phil Foden

Phil Foden

Phil Foden is Manchester City's next super wonderkid and has even made his first team debut. Is he any good in FM18? We had a look!
Tom Davies

Tom Davies

Tom Davies is considered to be one of the bigger English wonderkids in Football Manager 2018. The young Everton midfielder has loads of potential. Question is; will he able to reach his maximum potential?

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