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5 Lower Leagues you should try in FM20

5 Lower Leagues you should try in FM20

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Ben Chilwell 2018

Ben Chilwell

Ben Chilwell is the best young English left-back in Football Manager 2019. He will cost you a big pile of money, but he will be worth every penny. Keep track of him and when he does become available, make sure to strike as soon as you can. A must sign if you play in the Premier League with Brexit luring in the background.
Director of Football in Football Manager

Director of Football

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Football Manager 2020: Wishlist

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Luca Andrada 2018

Luca Andrada

If you are looking for a young and talented playmaker, Luca Andrada certainly is one of the players to have a look at. The 17-year-old is a cheap buy (1M) and has the potential to become an international player for Argentina. Plus, at his age you are able to train and create the type of playmaker you need in your squad!
Rodri 2018


Rodri is a type of player that every team should have. He is able to play as a playmaker, but he is also a smart and physical player to play as an anchor man. With a 34m asking price, Rodri is also affordable, though we should point out he has just joined Atletico from Villarreal and it will take a heavy offer to lure him away from the Spanish capital.
Josha Vagnoman 2018

Josha Vagnoman

Josha Vagnoman is one hell of a young talent. He is the most talented player at Hamburger SV and he could become one of your stars if you have a save with the Germans. Vagnoman is available for a fee under 10m, which seems much for a 17-year-old. However, he is very talented and his versatility makes him extra interesting.
Jan Kronig 2018

Jan Kronig

Jan Kronig is a good prospect in FM19 and for a expected 5m transfer fee, he is a player you could definitely take a gamble with. He could develop into a good and strong ball-playing centre-back, so keep an eye on him or even sign him during the first transfer window, you won't regret it!
Sam Field 2018

Sam Field

Sam Field is a great defensive playmaker to have on your team. And since he is English, he could prove to be an extra valuable target for teams in the Premier League. At the start of the game Field is not (yet) good enough but after some good training he will be and he should be on your team! Perfect Brexit player!
Sead Haksabanovic 2018

Sead Haksabanovic

Due to a two-year loan spell, Sead Haksabanovic is unavailable for a transfer, which makes him less interesting. However, playing at Norrkoping, he will have the time and space to develop into a class player. Put him on your shortlist and follow his steps in football. When he becomes available, you should step in. Good player to have!
Umaro Embalo 2018

Umaro Embalo

Umaro Embalo is one of many wonderkids in the youth academy over at Benfica. The left winger has the potential to become a class player, though he will need a lot of development. You can sign him early on in the game and develop him as a strong left winger. He is available to sign, though you will have to pay at least 14M for a 17-year-old.
Marquinhos Cipriano 2018

Marquinhos Cipriano

Marquinhos is a typical Brazilian winger. He is fast, quick on his feet, has a good dribble and loves to take on opponents. He would be a good player to sign for the 11M asking price Shakhtar have.
Niklas Sule 2018

Niklas Sule

We were a bit surprised that Bayern are willing to let Niklas Sule leave the club for 60m. That would be a fair price to one of the best defenders in the game. Awesome player and one you should be looking at when you are looking for a new central defender.
Moussa Djenepo 2018

Moussa Djenepo

Moussa Djenepo is a decent player to have and could be a good back-up in longer saves. Liege is demanding 20m for Djenepo and for that kind of money you will be able to find better players.
Football Manager 2020 News and Information

Football Manager 2020: News and Info

With the summer approaching, Football Manager fanatics from all around the world are eagerly looking ahead towards the new football season. And a new...
Diogo Jota 2018

Diogo Jota

Diogo Jota is an awesome player to have in Football Manager. A great versatile left winger, who is able to dribble past any opponent he faces. If you are managing Wolves; hold onto him, he is your absolute star for the future. But, we feel Wolves are bit below his qualities. He can easily play for clubs like Atletico Madrid.
Davinson Sanchez 2018

Davinson Sanchez

Davinson Sanchez is one of the best central defenders from South America. He would fit in at any big European club. However, if you are not managing Tottenham, you will have quite the challenge to sign him. Spurs are demanding a ridiculous fee for Sanchez (ranging from 84M and up). Only hope you have is that Sanchez will become unhappy and gets transfer listed. If that is not the case; prepare to pay big bucks!
Miguel Luis 2018

Miguel Luis

Miguel Luis is an awesome young player in FM19 and with a 6.5m asking price, he is a player you could take a gamble with. He has a high potential and could be the playmaking leader in your team for many years. Awesome player, awesome talent. Must buy if you ask us!
Moussa Wague 2018

Moussa Wague

Moussa Wague is a good attacking-minded full-back. His physical stats are impressive, but he has some work to on the technical side of his game. He has a good potential and if you treat and develop him well, he could turn out to be a classy player.
Oliver Batista Meier 2018

Oliver Batista Meier

Oliver Batista Meier is a decent talented player in Football Manager 2019. To get the most out of his potential, he should actually leave Bayern Munich before he turns 20. He needs to play week in, week out and not spend too much time in the 2nd team. Could develop into a good player for top tier clubs, but he will never be an elite player.
Lucas Hernandez 2018

Lucas Hernandez

Lucas Hernandez is a player who is already on a high level in FM19. Good part is: there is still enough potential for him to become even better. A good player to have on your team if you have an extra 50m to spend on a centre-back.

Max Aarons

Max Aarons is a good and talented player in FM19. His potential is high enough to develop into a good Premier League defender. However, he will not be reaching the same heights as Trent-Alexander Arnold. Nevertheless, Aarons is a very good player for any mid-table / bottom team in the Premier League.
Starting a new career in Football Manager

How to start a new career

Having troubles starting a career? We explain all the options you have when starting a new save in Football Manager.
Malang Sarr 2018

Malang Sarr

Malang Sarr is one of the most talented French defenders in Football Manager 2019. He can be compared with Kurt Zouma, who is also a physical defender. Sarr shows some impressive qualities in terms of strength and stamina, but also has the ability to play as a ball playing defender. Good player to have in your team, but not for the 40m asking price Nice has.
Samuel Chukwueze 2018

Samuel Chukwueze

Personal Information Name: Samuel Chukwueze Nationality: Nigeria Age: 19 (22/05/1999) Height: 172 cm Weight: 70 kg Foot: Left Only Position: Right Winger Player Information Club: Villarreal Contract: 30/06/2019 Value: £1M / €1.4M Est. Cost: £13.5M...
Lassina Traore 2018

Lassina Traore

Lassina Traore is a new player at Ajax, though the Dutch giants are willing to negotiate terms. At the start of the game he is not good enough to feature in a tier 1 league, but he has the potential to become a Premier League player. If you pick him up early enough, you are able to mold him into a very good striker.
David Brooks 2018

David Brooks

David Brooks is a talented attacking midfielder and at the age of 20 he is already able to hold a first team spot in the Premier League. His potential reaches higher than Bournemouth, but we have doubts he will be one of the top players in the game. Also because the Cherries have a high asking price, which makes it difficult to sign him in the first few seasons.


Raphinha is a talented player who can bring a lot of speed to your squad. He might not be a future elite player, but he will be a very useful player to have in your squad. With a 15M asking price he is a player you could take a gamble with. Sign him, train his physical attributes and you will have a strong player in the future.

Raheem Sterling

Raheem Sterling is a player of the highest quality in Football Manager 2019. Signing him is near to impossible, you only stand a chance if you manage to get him unsettled at City. That seems possible, seeing he is finding it hard to adapt to the core group. Besides that: quality player that is considered as one of the top 20 players of FM19.
Alexandr Golovin 2018

Alexandr Golovin

Alexandr Golovin is an awesome playmaking attacking midfielder. He is a real passer and is able to setup your strikers to score loads of goals. In the first transfer window he is unavailable as he has just joined Monaco, but he should be available for a transfer and his fee should be around 50 to 60M.
Naby Keita 2018

Naby Keita

Naby Keita is a player who is already operating at a very high level. He is one of the best central midfielders in the Premier League and still has some growth left in him. Too bad it is almost impossible to sign him. All you can hope for is that he will become unhappy at Liverpool at some point of his career.
Fabio Depaoli 2018

Fabio Depaoli

Fabio Depaoli is a decent player that will have no troubles playing for one of the better sides inside the Serie A. He is very versatile, but is on his best as a wingback. With a 7.75M asking price, Depaoli is an interesting player and should definitely be on your shortlist.
Matias Vargas 2018

Matias Vargas

Matias Vargas could be one of the most interesting young wingers in FM19. He will cost you roughly around 5M and will then develop into a wonderful player. He is fast, a good dribbler and has the vision to create space and spot a pass. This kid could be gifting you assist after assist and for 5M he is an absolute bargain!
Diego Lainez 2018

Diego Lainez

Diego Lainez is considered as one of the biggest wonderkids from Mexico at this moment. The young winger appeared to be on his way to Ajax in January, but decided to move to Real Betis instead. He isn't good enough yet to be a first team starter at Betis, but he has the potential and he will develop rapidly. Good player for many top tier sides.
Pablo Fornals 2018

Pablo Fornals

Pablo Fornals is a typical Spanish attacking midfielder: very technical, good on the ball and quick on his feet. He is talented and his potential can be compared with former Arsenal midfielder Santi Cazorla. He has the potential to be world-class, but he does not have the talent to become an elite player.
Stiven Plaza 2018

Stiven Plaza

Stiven Plaza could be an ideal striker in a counter tactic. He is quick, strong and a good finisher. He has a 8.5M price tag and that makes him an interesting player for smaller leagues.
Christian Capone 2018

Christian Capone

Christian Capone is a talented winger who has the potential to develop into a good Serie A player in the future. In the first season he is unavailable due to a loan spell at Pescara, but you should be able to sign him for a fair price after that. He will not become an elite player, but could prove to be a useful backup for teams in the big leagues.
Andreas Christensen 2018

Andreas Christensen

Andreas Christensen is one of the best defenders under 23. If you are playing a save with Chelsea that is awesome and you are certain to have a class defender for years to come. However, if you want to sign him you shall have to dig deep in your pockets. It's either that or you need to hope that he becomes unhappy at some point.
Mikel Merino 2018

Mikel Merino

Mikel Merino already is a quality player in the Spanish LaLiga and one of Sociedad's best players. He is able to develop into an even better player. He would be the ideal playmaker for a dominant side and his 21M release clause makes him an interesting player to follow. Could be a good signing for a top 10 side in the Premier League.
Lukas Mai 2018

Lukas Mai

Lukas Mai is a big central defender who is able to mark his man and win every challenge in the air. He is slow though, which makes him vulnerable. His potential is okay, but he will not develop into the next Niklas Sule or Jerome Boateng. A good player to have as a backup, but not a player to spend a lot of transfer budget on.
Pedro Neto 2018

Pedro Neto

Pedro Neto is a decent young player in Football Manager. He has the potential to develop into top tier player, but lacks the quality to become an elite winger. He is very fast and has good dribbling skills. Only problem is his fixed transfer to Lazio (who already loan him from Braga). That makes it impossible to sign him for the first 2 seasons.
Gianluca Gaetano 2018

Gianluca Gaetano

Gianluca Gaetano is a talented player and has the potential to become a first team regular for a lot of teams in the Serie A. He has a short term contract at Napoli and that makes him cheap to acquire in the first summer. For that fee Gaetano is a player you can take a gamble on and even if he fails to get a break in the first team, you will definitely make a profit.
Jonathan 2018


Personal Information Name: Jonathan Nationality: Brazil Age: 20 (03/03/1998) Height: 172 cm Weight: 68 kg Foot: Left Only Position: Full-back left Player Information Club: Botafogo Contract: 31/12/2021 Value: £475k / €550k Est. Cost: £4.3M / €5M Wages...


Name: Galatasaray Founded: 1905 Nation: Turkey Status: Professional Reputation: National Nickname: Cim Bom League: Spor Toto Super Lig Prediction: 1st Stadium: Turk Telekom Arena Capacity: 52.223 (all-seater) Year (re)built: 2010 Training Facilities: Average Youth Facilities:...
Wilfred Ndidi 2018

Wilfred Ndidi

Personal Information Name: Wilfred Ndidi Nationality: Nigeria Age: 21 (16/12/1996) Height: 183 cm Weight: 74 kg Foot: Right Position: Defensive Midfielder Player Information Club: Leicester City Contract: 30/06/2024 Value: £22M / €25.5M Est. Cost: £40M /...
Reinier 2018


The young Reiner is still on a youth contract at Flamengo and that makes him an interesting target to sign. He is not to happy to leave, but if you are managing a big club, chances are he will be interested to sign. He could develop into a good attacking and creative midfielder but he has some work to do, especially in the mental and physical areas.
Dennis Man 2018

Dennis Man

Dennis Man has the potential to develop into a good player in FM19. He will not be Ronaldo or Messi material, but he could develop into a useful player over the years. His 3.3M price tag in the first transfer window makes him a player you can take a gamble with, especially if you play in a lower reputation league like the Dutch or Belgian leagues.

KRC Genk

Name: KRC Genk Founded: 1923 Nation: Belgium Status: Professional Reputation: National Nickname: None League: Jupiler Pro League Prediction: 4th Stadium: Luminus Arena Capacity: 24.604 (20.272 seated) Year (re)built: 2002 Training Facilities: Excellent Youth Facilities: Superb Youth...
Thomas Strakosha 2018

Thomas Strakosha

Thomas Strakosha already is a fine goalkeeper who can play on Serie A level. He still has some growth inside of him, but he is already close to his full potential. He could develop into a good goalkeeper in longer FM19 saves. However, he is quite pricey to acquire and there are better (and cheaper) options available. Should he ever become available for a transfer or loan, you can certainly consider it.
Ionut Radu 2018

Ionut Radu

Ionut Radu has the potential to become the best Romanian goalkeeper in Football Manager 2019. That doesn't mean he will be an elite goaltender though. Would be a fine goalkeeper in a big league, but there are better options available for less money. Good back-up though!
Bernardo Silva 2018

Bernardo Silva

Bernardo Silva is already one of the best players in Football Manager 2019. There is still some improvement for his abilities, though he is close to his max potential. We thought he would be unavailable for a transfer, but Man City is prepared to let him leave for a fee close to 100M. For a player of this standard that is actually a bargain.
Romario Baro 2018

Romario Baro

Personal Information Name: Romario Baro Nationality: Portugal Age: 18 (25/01/2000) Height: 180 cm Weight: 66 kg Foot: Right Position: Midfielder Player Information Club: FC Porto Contract: 30/06/2023 Value: £7.5k / €115k Est. Cost: £15M / €17.5M Wages...
Hannes Wolf 2018

Hannes Wolf

Personal Information Name: Hannes Wolf Nationality: Austria Age: 19 (16/04/1999) Height: 179 cm Weight: 66 kg Foot: Left Position: Attacking Midfielder Player Information Club: Red Bull Salzburg Contract: 30/06/2020 Value: £3.8M / €4.5M Est. Cost: Unavailable Wages...

ACF Fiorentina

Name: Fiorentina Founded: 1926 Nation: Italy Status: Professional Reputation: Continental Nickname: La Viola League: Serie A Tim Prediction: 7th Stadium: Artemio Franchi Capacity: 46.366 (all-seated) Year (re)built: 1990 Training Facilities: Great Youth Facilities: Great Youth Recruitment:...
Sebastian Szymanski 2018

Sebastian Szymanski

Personal Information Name: Sebastian Szymanski Nationality: Poland Age: 19 (10/05/1999) Height: 174 cm Weight: 58 kg Foot: Left Only Position: Attacking Midfielder Player Information Club: Legia Warszawa Contract: 30/06/2022 Value: £950k / €1.1M Est. Cost: £3.5M...
Daniel Arzani 2018

Daniel Arzani

Daniel Arzani has the potential to match Australia's icon Harry Kewell in terms of ability. The fact he spends a two-season spell at Celtic on loan from Man City make him a difficult player to acquire. Playing for Celtic will aid his development, but it will depend on City's plans for him if he will be able to keep on playing or spend most of his time in the reserves. Potentially a good player, so keep an eye on him.
Sebastiano Luperto 2018

Sebastiano Luperto

Sebastiano Luperto was signed by Napoli in 2013 and has been spending time away on loan since that moment. He is considered a back-up at the Italian giants, but they are still demanding 55M for him. For that price there are more talented players available. If he becomes available for 20-25M he is a good buy, other than that there are better options available.
Benjamin Pavard 2018

Benjamin Pavard

Benjamin Pavard is a defender of the highest quality. Ages 22 the France international is already one of the best players in the Bundesliga and he will continue to develop his skills for quite some years. Only problem is his fixed transfer to Bayern Munich in 2019, meaning you will have to wait until at least 2020 to capture him. Nevertheless one of the best defenders in the game.

Legia Warszawa

Football Manager 2019 Club Profile for Polish Lotto Ekstraklasse club Legia Warszawa
Thiago Almada 2018

Thiago Almada

Thiago Almada is a skillful young attacking midfielder. Aged 17 he already shows a lot of quality and this will only become better. He is able to develop into a leading attacking midfielder and with an 11M price tag, Almada is an interesting player for a lot of clubs in Europe.

Hearts of Midlothian

Football Manager 2019 Club Profile for Scottish Premiership club Hearts of Midlothian.
Lincoln 2018


Lincoln has the potential to develop into a great goalscoring striker. He has good physical attributes and his mentality will always drive him to look for that one goal. With an 11.5M price tag, Lincoln will be one of the easy targets if you play in a nation that does not have too many Non-EU rules.

Eintracht Frankfurt

Football Manager 2019 Club Profile for German Bundesliga club Eintracht Frankfurt.
Arnor Sigurdsson 2018

Arnor Sigurdsson

Arnor Sigurdsson is a decent young left winger who loves to cut inside and shoot from a distance. He has shown us quite some potential, though he will not be a player of the highest possible level. In our scout save he managed to reach the height of Liverpool, but he was considered a rotation player for most of his career, not playing that many games. With a 15M price tag Sigurdsson is still interesting though.
Michael Kouame 2018

Michael Kouame

Michael Kouame is a striker who can develop into one of Africa's leading players in the future. He is already good enough to play on the highest level and there is still enough potential to develop even further. With a 24M price tag around his neck, he is a player to keep a close eye on if you like to play longer saves.
Marco Varnier 2018

Marco Varnier

Marco Vernier is the typical Italian stopper. He can mark and is able to play an opponent out of the game. He has a fixed transfer to Atalanta, which makes him unavailable for at least 1.5 seasons. You should add him on your shortlist though. Looking at his potential and mentality he is able to develop into a class centre-back that can reach the highest level.
Jorge Mere 2018

Jorge Mere

Personal Information Name: Jorge Mere Nationality: Spain Age: 21 (17/04/1997) Height: 182 cm Weight: 77 kg Foot: Right Position: Centre-back Player Information Club: FC Köln Contract: 30/06/2023 Value: £5.75M / €8.25M Est. Cost: £26M / €30M Wages...
Amadou Diawara 2018

Amadou Diawara

Personal Information Name: Amadou Diawara Nationality: Guinea Age: 20 (17/07/1997) Height: 183 cm Weight: 75 kg Foot: Right Position: Defensive Midfielder Player Information Club: Napoli Contract: 30/06/2021 Value: £15.75M / €18.25M Est. Cost: £79.5M / €92M Wages...
Rolando Mandragora 2018

Rolando Mandragora

Rolando Mandragora is a lovely Italian playmaker that you will be able to sign for a fee under 25M. He is already at a good level and he can develop even further. He can become one of the better central midfielders in the game and will be able to hold down a spot at the world's biggest clubs. If you are looking at a good playmaker that has amazing passing skills, Mandragora is a player you should be adding to your shortlist.
Reiss Nelson 2018

Reiss Nelson

Reiss Nelson has the potential to become the next Raheem Sterling. The young Arsenal winger has the potential to develop into one of the leading right wingers in the world. With an 80M asking price Arsenal are demanding big money for the teenager, but seeing his development he would be worth it.
Exequiel Palacios 2018

Exequiel Palacios

Exequiel Palacios is an interesting player to sign in Football Manager 2019. His club River Plate is ready to sell the midfielder and Palacios himself is eager to show his qualities in Europe. He has the potential to develop into an elite midfielder and in one of his countries best players.
Jerome Onguene 2028

Jerome Onguene

Jerome Onguene is an interesting player due to the fact he will cost you less than 10M in the first summer. He is a talented centre-back and has the potential to develop into a leading defender (see the 2028 screenshot). Will he be one of the best defenders in the game? No, but he will certainly be one of the better ones.

Youri Tielemans

Youri Tielemans has been one of the better young midfielders in Football Manager for some editions now. While he is currently 21-years-old, he is still very talented. He spends the first season on loan at Leicester, but will be available for a transfer for the next season. He has 35M price tag, which does not seems to be a very large for a player with his qualities and potential.
Juan Miranda 2018

Juan Miranda

Juan Miranda is a talented full-back who has the intention and chance to spend his whole career at FC Barcelona. He is able to work his way up into the first team and will be playing a fair share of games. He will not meet the level of Jordi Alba, but will develop into a decent wing-back for the Blaugranas and the Spanish national team.
Francisco Trincao 2018

Francisco Trincao

Francisco Trincao is a technical winger that relies on his bal skills instead of speed. He is not that quick, but has the ability to do the unexpected. With a 2.5M price tag around his neck, Trincao is an interesting target. Sign him on early and either train him or send him out on loan for the first few seasons. By the time he is 22, he will be a winger that you can use in leagues like the Premier League or LaLiga.
Musa Barrow 2018

Musa Barrow

Musa Barrow is a talented striker from Gambia and shows plenty of potential in Football Manager 2019. However, his lack of determination will keep him from reaching his full potential. Maybe if you mentor him in the correct way you can increase his mentality. If not, he will be a good striker, but not a world-class striker.

Felix Passlack

Felix Passlack is considered to be Borussia Dortmund's future full-back. He is an attacking-minded player that loves to roam the right flank. He is difficult to acquire as Dortmund sees a lot of potential in the German defender.
Lucas Paqueta 2018

Lucas Paqueta

Is Lucas Paqueta the new Kaka for AC Milan? He has the potential to become a world-class midfielder and in our scout save he always stayed loyal to the Italians. He is an awesome dribbling attacking midfielder and will score loads of goals for you. With a 50M release clause Paqueta is also an interesting player to put on your shortlist.
Mickael Cuisance 2018

Mickael Cuisance

Personal Information Name: Mickael Cuisance Nationality: France Age: 18 (16/08/1999) Height: 181 cm Weight: 73 kg Foot: Left Position: Def. Midfielder / Midfielder Player Information Club: Bor. Mönchengladbach Contract: 30/06/2023 Value: £4M / €4.8M Est. Cost:...
Victor Bobsin 2018

Victor Bobsin

The 18-year-old Victor Bobsin is a playmaking defensive midfielder and with an 11.5M price tag he is an interesting player to keep a close eye on. He has a high potential and is able to play for the bigger teams in Europe. Sign him on early and focus his training on his technical skills and he could develop into quite the player!
Eder Militao 2018

Eder Militao

Eder Militao is one of the most talented defenders in FM19. The young Brazilian is a versatile defender and that makes him even more valuable. And with a 30M price tag on his neck, Militao is even more interesting to sign.
Rodrigo Betancur 2018

Rodrigo Bentancur

Rodrigo Betancur is a midfielder of the highest level in Football Manager. He is already a top level player and could still improve even further. With an expected 50M fee he is also an interesting player to sign if you play with a team that has a big budget.
Thiago Dantas 2018

Tiago Dantas

Tiago Dantas is a highly talented player in Football Manager 2019 and will develop into a class player in almost every save you play. He is expensive to acquire in the first season though, and we expect his transfer fee will go up as the years will pass. Nevertheless, he is a player to look out for if you are in need of a talented central midfielder in a playmaker role.
Nicola Zaniolo 2018

Nicolo Zaniolo

Personal Information Name: Nicolo Zaniolo Nationality: Italy Age: 19 (02/07/1999) Height: 187 cm Weight: 82 kg Foot: Left Position: Attacking Midfielder Player Information Club: AS Roma Contract: 30/06/2023 Value: £7M / €7.75M Est. Cost: £17M /...

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