Assistant Managers

Assistant Managers are considered to be the right hand of the Manager. They are the ones you trust the most, the ones that will follow you in every step you take, backing every decision you take in the search of succes. On Football Manager that is no different. The Assistant Manager has been given a prominent role in your backroom staff and can be given various duties. In this Guide we will discuss those different responsibilities for you Assistant Manager and the attributes that are needed for those duties. 



If we look at the Highlighted Attributes in FM17, SI suggests we look at three important Attributes when signing an Assistant Manager. These Attributes are:

  • Man Management
  • Judging Player Ability
  • Judging Player Potential

Ok, these Attributes are the standard attributes you look for in an Assistant, but these will only cover the most standard things an Assistant can do for you. With the Ability and Potential Attributes your Assistant will be able to tell you which players are good enough or which ones suck and need to be sold. The Man Management Attribute will help him get along with your players.


BUT; the Attributes above are good enough if you want your Assistant Manager to act like you in-house Scout that will only look at your own players. But we all know you don't want that. You want someone that can assist you on more than one level. There are multiple responsibilities that can be given to your assistant and those responsibilities could aks different sets of Attributes. We will discuss some of these responsibilities and the needed Attributes.




If you work at a club with a sufficient budget, you should be able to sign enough coaches for every Training Category. But, not all clubs on FM are allowed to sign 15 First Team Coaches. In that case your Assistant could be of service to you and he could take over a category. 

Attributes to look for are:

  • Determination
  • Level of Discipline
  • Motivating
  • A high Coaching Attribute, depending on which Category he will cover


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You can also ask your Assistant to help you in the Team Talk department of the game. He can do the Pregame, Halftime and Post Match Team Talks for you. But be wary! An Assistant with the wrong Attributes could easily demotivate your squad instead of motivating them.


Same goes for the Press Conferences. Some Managers hate doing these, so they want their Assistant to do it for them. Make sure to hire the correct Assistant, as he can do a lot of damage to your squad and even your reputation as a manager.


Attributes to look for are:
•    Determination
•    Level of Discipline
•    Motivating
•    Man Management




Another task you could ask your Assistant (or even a Coach) is setting the opposition instructions before every match. Your Assistant will then decide which opposition players will be marked closely or will be tackled hard.


Attributes to look for are:

  • Tactical Knowledge


Finally you can ask the Assistant Manager to take over as the Reserves Manager at your club. That way he would be right next to your Wonderkids, making sure they get the correct playtime and the team plays in the same formation as your first team. That will help player development in the long run.


Attributes to look for are:

  • Determination
  • Level of Discipline
  • Motivating
  • Tactical Knowledge



As you can see the Assistant Manager can do a lot more for you than just 'assist' you. He can be a vital part of your team and he can definitely help you with the tasks you are asked to do. At the end of the day you will have to be very selective with choosing the correct Assistant. Make sure he has the right Attributes for the Job you have in mind, so he won't do anything weird.




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