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FMI Update 2019 – Hazard special!




The FMInside Update has returned for the 2019 season! This time we have edited the 19.3 database of Football Manager 2019 and have made massive changes to the original database, making over 97.000 changes since the full release back in November.

Download the FMI Update 2019

FMI Update 2019 – Hazard special – Updated on 08/06/19


  • Hazard & Jovic > Real Madrid
  • Di Lorenzo > Napoli
  • Ibáñez > Atletico Madrid
  • Diego Carlos > Sevilla
  • Lucas Pérez > Alavés
  • D. James > Manchester United
  • Jota > Aston Villa
  • Alderete > FC Basel
  • Edimilson Fernandes > Mainz
  • Osimhen > Charleroi
  • And many more!

Players leaving when contract expires;

  • Buffon
  • Jagielka
  • Lichtsteiner
  • Diame
  • Sturridge
  • Moreno
  • Llorente
  • Drmic
  • and many more!

Future staff transfers;

  • Lopetegui > Sevilla
  • Conte > Internazionale
  • Petrachi > As Roma
  • Rubi > Real Betis
  • Xabi Alonso > Real Sociedad B
  • Luís Boa Morte > Everton
  • And many more!

Extended contracts:

  • Mbokani
  • Grillitsch
  • Xeka
  • Krul
  • Dabila
  • Onel Hernández
  • and many more!

Overall add-ons

  • Promotion / relegation to leagues that have already finished the season
  • Updated team captains, vice captains
  • Added/Removed Club Icons/Legends/Favoured personnel
  • Altered and Corrected team colours
  • Corrected League Names
  • Corrected Awards and Trophy names
  • Added 30 Wonderkids (Xavi Simons etc)
  • Added missing players & personnel
  • Added real life media outlets
  • And much much more!

How to install The FMI Update 2019

These are instructions for when you download it directly. If you choose to download it from Steam, the game will automatically add the update to your editor data folder.

  1. Download the FMI Update 2019 by clicking the download button.
  2. Move the .fmf file to the following location:Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2019/editor data/
  3. If the editor data folder doesn’t exist you can create it yourself.
  4. Open FM19 and start a new career.
  6. When selecting your database make sure the FMInside Update 2019 is selected.
  7. After you have selected your database, pick the nations & leagues and start your game!
  8. Have fun!!

Be aware that using multiple Data Updates simultaneously could result in unexpected errors, corrupted data and crashes. Would you like to have a go in the Football Manager pre-game editor? Check out our guide where to find it and how to install it.

Download the FMI Update 2019 – May Update:

Awesome downloads to use with the FMI Update 2019:

DF11 2019 Facepack – FC’12 Kitpacks – TCM19 Logopack

Redistribution Policy

If you want to share this download  on your own page, make sure to add a download link to this very page and only after you have been given permission by the FMInside team (contact us).

You are not allowed to download the update / make changes and the upload under your own name. You are allowed to make changes on the update for personal use, but not for commercial use.

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  1. Hey guys, just wanted a little info: all these transfer updates being done, will the players show the transfer fee in history tab? Or will it be just a blank and the player switches clubs. Thanks.

    • How do you NOT have access to Steam, but access to FM19? You install FM19 through Steam. Or are we talking about an illegal version of the game…?

  2. Helo need you I downloaded the fmi update 2019.i have fm19 . Can I paste d download fmi as u said .will it work . I usually was giving the fm19

  3. ok i have this problem. I download it, download fm transfer update from sourti , start new game pick 19.3 version and no have promotions/relegated u write u done on any leagues, no have zidane on real, no monaco manager and other. Can u help me how can i fix it ? ps u done promotions poland leagues ?

  4. mix diskerud and curtis anderson are still at manchester city, please change it for the next update.
    thank u so much for all of your effort

  5. bro i’ve already download the 19.3 and paste it in the editor data folder, but then when i open the game it still says 19.1 so what does that mean

  6. Hi,
    I have a question. If I have a 19.1.1 patch game, can I use database 19.3 version to update with my 19.1.1 patch game? or do I have to use database 19.1.1 version to update instead? hope you get my point

    • We’re waiting for the offical SI update first and they haven’t given a date yet. Ours will probably be released either the same day or the day after. 🙂

      Expect it to be early March.

  7. Hello!
    Some transfers (from december and january) are not updated in Internacional (Brazilian team):

    – Wellington Silva (From Fluminense to Internacional on loan)
    – Rithely (from Sport Recife to Internacional on Loan)
    – Fabricio (from Internacional, expired contract now)
    – Bruno (from Bahia to Internacional)
    – Aylon (from Internacional to Chapecoense, free transfer)
    – Léo Ortiz (from Internacional to Red Bull Brasil, on loan)
    – Carlos Luque (from Internaconal to San Martin / ARGENTINA on loan)
    – Klaus (from Juventude to Internacional, transfered)
    – Ernando (from Internacional to Bahia, free transfer)

    Would you please update that on your next update?

    • I’m gonna update all the bigger South-American competitions, since I missed a few transfers, as you mentioned. They’ll probably be done next update. Feel free to share more (missed) transfers. Really helps in improving the update. 🙂

  8. Lazy all the players in January transfer its ready ? Like de jong in barcelona .. denis suarez in arsenal ? Its ready Or i must wait for new updade ? If its ready to start with this new transfer how can i make it install in my pc ? I have only 19.1 updade nothing else and this players is still in ajax and suarez in barcelona

  9. Why can’t I start a game in, let’s say, Australia on 4/2/2019? I downloaded this update only because I wanted to start a career in February but it seems I can’t…

  10. Hi!
    If I start a new save with AFC Ajax will I still have De Jong and does he has a future transfer date? Or, is he in the Barca squad?

    • Put the file in /Users/[Your Mac Username]/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2019/editor data. Then start a new game and select the file and it should work!

    • You have to go to /Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Football Manager 2019/database/data/db/1910/ and delete fake.lnc, lic_dan_swe_fra.lnc, nleague.lnc like you basically have to do every FM.


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